Concern Lockheed Martin plans to build Transformer TX — Autonomous flying truck

Concern Lockheed Martin plans to build Transformer TX - Autonomous flying truck
Concern Lockheed Martin announced its intention to build a new type of evacuation and transport aircraft, which will be controlled remotely, and periodically go into a hundred percent offline. The vessel will remember the helicopter, but will use the tunnel rotary screw rotors instead, since they make flying more harmless and allow the land to the smallest area.

Transformer TX project reportedly began as yet another attempt to build a flying car. But as the creation of drawings, it became clear that just give the machine the ability to fly so severely restrict the ability of the ship. Newer models suggest the possibility of transferring apparatus cargo capsule that at some point in time can be a machine or other ground vehicle.

Helicopters are used in the fields of battles for many years, but even with the best skills for the pilots, they are very difficult to manage. Vpribavok during landing or delivery of goods is always a chance of being hit by enemy fire. Specifically for this reason DARPA start searching the best solution to accomplish both of these functions. Transformer TX — a possible new candidate for this role.

First tests ts are expected in 2015. Ship will be ready to move at a speed of 370 kilometers per hour at a distance of 400 km. It will have a container unit with manual loading and automatic unloading. Idea is that military force can be loaded into a container whatever it may be required, and the unit is not dangerous and rapidly deliver the cargo to the war zone. Obviously, the vessel may be used for working capital and operations, exporting goods and people from the impact zone.

Vpribavok landing operations and logistics, Lockheed expects that the device will be used for reconnaissance missions, and in some cases — as a means of shock.

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