Cosmic rays can help solve the mystery of the lost civilization




Special muon detector mounted under the pyramid of the sun will help to reveal hidden areas of this mysterious building two thousand years ago, located in the center of Teotihuacan — the capital of a vanished American civilization.

Professor Arturo Menchaca (Arturo Menchaca), head of the Institute of Physics of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (National Autonomous University of Mexico) said that, in case of detection of voids archaeologists probably will knock him to the tunnel in hopes of finding the burial chamber and unravel the mystery — who ran Teotihuakanom.

The unit will install in a cave deep beneath the structure. This cave was used for religious ceremonies and is associated with the outer side of the pyramid a narrow tunnel, which at one time there can be only one person.

The muons are produced when high-energy particles of cosmic radiation bombarding the Earth's troposphere. When they pass the sensor, the ionized gas between the two plates. An electric current which can be measured.

The method is more accurate, cheaper and more versatile than X-rays, but was developed only in the last decade, following the progress of sub-atomic physics.


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