Cows gnawed communication cable in the north of England


Photo by Janesdead from site Flickr.

23.09.11.Avariya occurred near the town of town of Cockermouth in Cumbria. Animals knocked fence that surrounded the cell tower, and got on the adjacent field, where a few gnawed cables. As a result, mobile communications in the surrounding towns and villages did not work more than a week.

Representatives of the cellular company blamed on a simple telecommunications company British Telecom, which served cable. At British Telecom, in turn, stressed that they could not proceed with the repairs until the repaired fence around the tower. Consequences of the accident have been completely eliminated by five o'clock in the morning of 21 September.

This is not the first time that a telecom equipment crashes caused by animals. So, in 2008, calls to the South Urals Railroad shut down due to the fact that the cable is damaged beaver wrote Tape.

Author: Asya Alexandrov

Source: I Love Izhevsk

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