Created device that reads a mental speech




Scientists at the Ames Research Center of the American space agency NASA have created a device that can capture a mental person's speech, when he says the word "myself." Almost or entirely without moving his lips and tongue.

Chuck Jorgensen (Chuck Jorgensen), leader of the research team, explained that when a person is only mentally pronounces sentence, then to the organs of speech still comes weaker nerve signals that can be fixed sensors.

A complexity in the interpretation of these biological weak currents which are hammered interference.

Talking "to himself" man can not hear and microphones attached, such as the neck, did not catch. The new machine is voiced by "mental" word.

In the first experiment, the computer recognizes the word "study", "stop", "go", "left", "right", "alpha", "omega", as well as numbers from 0 to 10. The accuracy was 92%.

Scientists say that over time, this technology could be of immense benefit to people with lesions of the vocal apparatus, noisy shops or employees astronauts, manager "mind's voice," what some computers or robots.

In the first experiment by researchers in the computer program a few words and phrases — the team for the internet browser and thus made the "surf" without straining a muscle.


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