Cut Montenegrin joins Park draglines

Excavator EL 20/90, the third unit of this type of technology, has entered into operation. One and a half years was assembling machine.

In contrast to previous ESH, this excavator for the first time established a system of electric drive with the synchros, giving the technology a smooth ride. Moreover, now the driver controls the pacing without the aid of foot pedals, hands-on control. After the installation during the month was the transition from an excavator assembly area of the bat, during which time he was about five miles away.
"The new EL 20/90 was necessary incision, — said Executive Director of "SUEK Khakassia" Alex Killeen, — Growing capacity of the company is increasing production, respectively, increasing the amount of overburden. Excavator equipped with a new control system for the synchro, which gives better performance than the car with the old system. Another important point is that, thanks to the improvements has even greater safety. "

In ES 20/90 number 31, all control — via joysticks. On the monitors, provides useful information, from the roll body and the engine until the oil temperature or the tension of the rope. As a result of this information, the driver has the ability to instantly react to the problem and prevent serious damage. Unlike the old excavators here in the back of the remote separately installed rope field, which enables the engineer to make adjustments without climbing into the cockpit.

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