Cut Sibirginskij has extracted 140 millionth ton of coal since the foundation of the enterprise

Cut "Sibirginskij" was put into operation January 1, 1971 with a design capacity of 2.5 million tons per year. In recent years, the miners gradually increasing their production volumes.


Basically, the process of opening and coal used 17 excavators, 8 excavators engaged in loading coal. Also operates a number of auxiliary equipment — 7 drilling rigs, 5 trucks and 16 bulldozers. All the equipment used meets the highest standards of performance and safety matches geological conditions of the enterprise. On the cut "Sibirginskij" ("Southern Kuzbass", a subsidiary of JSC "Mechel-Mining") coal is mined in three grades in demand in the market. Prior to shipment, it is processed to consumers — are involved today in this screening plant PDSU-2 enrichment facility "Sibirginskaja" and CCM "Siberia." "On the" Sibirginskij "today employs over 750 people, and this venture is one of the most important in the city Myski. The cut has a well-coordinated team, significant reserves, good development prospects. I am confident that through hard work and the use of high-performance vehicles miners reached a new high performance ", — said Managing Director of "Southern Kuzbass" Victor Skulditsky, congratulating workers cut "Sibirginskij" with the anniversary ton of coal mining.

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