Dairy products: composition favorite treats

We all love and often buy sweet curds and yogurt. But their composition for most of us remains a mystery. Unfamiliar ingredients listed on the label, usually leave us indifferent. Still, let's try to figure out why and how to make our favorite treats.

Packaging of dairy desserts, most likely, will tell you the same thing. Cottage cheese is made from skim milk, sugar, cream, milk protein concentrate, cottage cheese starter, rennet or enzyme preparation. The yoghurt is to skim milk, cream and sugar are also added skimmed milk and yoghurt starter. Probably, the general consumer will not have doubt only at the expense of sugar and cream. But everything else remains the "fog".

For example, why it is used skimmed milk? The simple answer is to treat not to get too greasy. High calorie content is no longer considered a plus product. On the contrary, in favor light and airy desserts, especially when it comes to baby food. Skimmed milk is also very simple. Familiar to us, whole milk is separated, it is separated into skim milk and cream. It is known that fat is lighter than water. And if the milk left in the container, then eventually the fat globules begin to float to the surface, forming cream. Thereafter, both received the "ingredients" are mixed again, but in the right proportion to yogurt or cottage cheese did not come out too calorie or diet. Therefore, we can say that skim milk is perfectly safe and even beneficial, because it helps to observe the rate of calories.

But in yogurt also used skimmed milk. And it is also "controls" the nutritional value. Only now does not fat yoghurt and the content of protein. It often happens that the level of protein in natural milk is too low, and skimmed milk this level stabilizes. Again, this is particularly important in children's products, since it has to be not only delicious, but also useful. At that skimmed milk is completely safe, because it is obtained by separation (separation) and conventional drying of natural milk.

It goes without separation costs are not low-fat and regular milk. It is sometimes also added to yogurt to enhance their nutritional content, that is, the fat content. But this is not done very often.

But in the curds often instead of skimmed milk used milk protein concentrate. This concentrate is very common in the Russian food industry and foreign. It is made from natural milk with emphasis on the production and extraction of protein concentration (not fat). The most common concentrations: 56%, 70%, 85%. Of course, curd, which by definition must be rich in protein concentrate is still more suitable than dry milk, so that its use is logical.

When all the "milk ingredients" are ready, they are mixed with yeast — cottage cheese or yogurt. This is a definite complexes of lactic acid bacteria needed for digestion of milk. And these complexes are almost the crown of our favorite treats. At least, no sourdough production of fermented milk products is not possible. And thanks to the fact that most of today's high-tech industries, for the most part do not have to worry starter.

And the last "mystery" to the consumer — rennet. To an untrained person is the name sounds unusual, but in fact it is a traditional ingredient in the dairy industry, which is used to produce cheese and cheese. And in sweet curds need it as a catalyst for fermentation. Today rennet is usually obtained with the help of microorganisms, and it perfectly fulfills its function, allowing you to not worry about the quality of the product. Although sometimes performs the same function Enzyme preparation. This is a protein substance required to produce curd bunch of regular milk. Such milk-products also obtained by using microorganisms, however they relate to the number of natural and harmless components.

So, if you look, in the production of modern yogurt and curds, which have become part of our usual menu, there is nothing unusual. Their main ingredients are completely harmless. And do yogurt and curds is incredibly good, well functioning digestion and a source of protein and vitamins.

But what is missing yogurt desserts to get the status "ready"? Of course, the usual sweetness. We love curds and yogurt is good for fruit or berry flavor. Therefore, the ingredients listed above, as the final touch added fruit filler.For consistency it may be either homogeneous (gel) and have the form of pieces of fruit. Typically, fruit fillings are made of different berries, fruit and raw materials.

As a result, the shop shelf offers delicious, nutritious and, most importantly, useful yogurt and curds.

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