Adapting aviation variant cruise missile «BrahMos» «Air-land» for Su-30MKI fighter will begin in November after the agreement will be signed in Divide, said Tuesday the control of the Russian-Indian BrahMos Aerospace Sivathanu Pillai during naval salon «Euronaval 2012» Bourges.

«We expect that in November all the formalities with the contract to adapt aviation option» BrahMos » for Su-30MKI fighter will be completed. Then start step practical work will certain orders companies. It will be very harsh step for us, «- said Pillay,» Interfax «.

Managing Director explained that the formalities associated, first, with rassredotachivaniem work between Russian and Indian companies, which have already been identified, but require approval with 2 sides.

Pillay said that «the development of aviation variant cruise missile» air-land » has been completed and its a bunch of Su-30MKI fighter is at a very advanced stage. «

According to him, «the throwing missiles tests will be conducted in the first half of next year.»

«As a result, Su-30MKI will get one missile under the fuselage,» — said managing the joint venture.

He also noted that the missile enthuses a number of states in the region, but the decision to supply to third countries should take the Government of India and Russia.

Pillay said that flight tests of the missile «BrahMos» Project 1135.6 frigates being built for the Indian Navy in Kaliningrad, will be held next year.

«In the first half of next year we plan to conduct test launches of missiles from 2-frigates, which are currently being completed on the» Amber «- said Pillay.

According to him, the ships already installed missiles, although the ships are still under construction.

«Assembling the missile system, fire control system is carried out in India, and then delivered to Kaliningrad, where installed on frigates under construction even ahead of schedule. Progress missile tests depends only on graphics system works on ships, «- said Pillay.

As for underwater tests, the first test launch of the missile underwater options will be documented by the end of this year.

«It will be done the first time. Already have options missiles «ground to ground», «ship-to-earth», «ship-to-ship» and «ground-to-ship.» Underwater launch will be extended multiplatform «BrahMos». We plan to hold the first test launch for submarines with flooded board in November, is the later end of this year «, — said Sivathanu Pillai.

According to him, these tests will be important step in the development of the program and allow the Indian Navy to take a rocket to adopt non-nuclear submarines.

He recalled that on 7 October flight tests «BrahMos» on board the frigate first project 1135.6 Teg were successful, the missile was launched vertically and accurately hit the target ship.

Second frigate project 1135.6 Tarkash («Quiver») will be transferred to Indian customers on October 31.

As reported, the Russian developers diesel-electric submarine «Amur-1650» India ready to offer boat armed with rocket complex «BrahMos».

Previously, the first deputy director of the NGO Engineering Alexander Dergachyov said first launch anti-ship cruise missile developed «BrahMos» submarine-based scheduled for later this year.

Russian-Indian joint venture «BrahMos» (NGOs Engineering Organization and defense research and development India), made in 1998, practiced in the development of supersonic rocket ship and shore-based.

Missile «BrahMos» created for the destruction of a wide range of targets at sea. It is characterized by the highest range (up to 290 km), high supersonic speed (up to 2.8 m), strong combat load (250 kg), and low visibility to radar.

Flight of the missile, whose weight in the basic version is three tons, is carried out in the spectrum of heights from 10 meters to 14 thousand feet in the variable line of motion. In recent rocket implemented in practice the principle of «shot — forgotten» — The purpose she finds herself. According to the professionals, analogs such missiles, which would have a supersonic speed and a similar range in the world yet.

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