Dead whale sharks off the coast of Pakistan. Video. Photo


8.02.12.Pakistanskim fishermen managed to pull out of the Arabian Sea huge whale shark carcass. Dead predator caught in the port city of Karachi in the south. To get a shark weighing seven tons took just five cranes, said "Zaporozhye time."

According to the owner of the fishing sector, in which the carcass, and caught the first time saw a shark in the sea about ten days ago. It was 150 miles from the coast and no signs of life. Pakistan has become one of the largest fish ever caught by fishermen. Soon, she was sold for 1.7 million rupees (about 18 thousand dollars).

Whale shark — the largest fish today. Often, it is longer than 10 meters. This type of person is not dangerous, says IzhLife.

Meanwhile, the "Herald", it was reported that the year 2011 broke the record for the number twenty-fatal shark attacks on humans. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from Florida. According to them, in the past year was 75 fatal attacks.

"Shark attacks fatalities occur most frequently in areas where no prompt first aid" — said ichthyologist George Burgess, director of the Museum of Natural History at the University of Florida.

"In fact, people — not the most desired trophy for the sharks, but the fish in the water may confuse people with his usual dinner: fish and turtles, and can make a wetsuit diver like a seal" — added the researchers.

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