Death of bees in the U.S. during the winter 2011-2012


14.06.12.V early June published preliminary results of a survey of U.S. beekeepers about the death of bee colonies in the past winter.
According to a survey conducted, "Partners beekeepers informed about bee» (Bee Informed Partnership), the Inspectorate of beekeeping and the Ministry of Agriculture, 27% of deaths of bees.
In the previous five wintering bees decline on average about 30%. Improvement experts say the result of unusually warm January this year — one of the four warmest in U.S. history.
The presence of symptoms of the collapse of bee colonies in the apiary — the death of at least one bee colony in the absence of dead bees in the hive reported 37% of beekeepers.
The survey polled 5,543 people — about 20% of U.S. beekeepers.
The survey results cautiously commented representatives of American beekeeping community. It is noted that the death of the bees are still 2 times the "acceptable norm" and continues to take the U.S. beekeeping industry considerable damage. Remain obscure the root causes of the collapse of bee colonies.

Source: "The international beekeeping"

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