Deceive the naive




The Investigation Division at Krasnoborsky police department investigated a criminal case for fraud. The investigation established that the citizen V., Romani, together with a minor of the same nationality B. went to the house of a citizen Sh, which gained the confidence and under the pretext of fortune telling, "removing the disease," asked the hostess for all the money that has in house. The citizen Sh, convinced that Roma would be removed from her illness, brought all his savings and handed them over to the gypsy fortune-telling. Last wrapped them in a newspaper, while quietly stealing the money, and handed the package hostess, convincing her that all her money is in it. Then Gypsy woman told the hostess to sew up the package in a pillow, which should open in 10 days, after which the gypsy escaped. Recovering himself, the owner of the house ripped pillow and found the loss of money in the amount of 3,500 rubles. This is not the first case of fraud or breach of trust on the part of persons of Roma nationality. And the people will let them into your home, allow them to tell fortunes, gave them their life savings.

A similar incident occurred last year in the section Komsomolsk, where the owners let the house of the Roma, who also fraudulently, and similar to that described above, took possession of all the money people. In the future, man, upset on this occasion, has died (had heart disease) "Banner" to write about it.

We kindly request to all residents of the region: be vigilant when dealing with persons of Roma, especially when their actions against you. Do not fall for their blandishments you tell fortunes by destiny, the health of your loved ones and other persuasions. After all, the Roma, which they would not have been good, From ancient times pulling gypsy blood, which laid the origins of divination and defrauding of money, but in other cases their actions are criminal.

Natalia Anisimova, the investigator CO at Krasnoborsky police department


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