Defense Ministry showed Moscow ABM

Defense Ministry showed Moscow ABM

Journalists saw «Eighth magic of light.» So for the appearance, the unique properties of the higher price and very often referred to as the basic element of a missile defense system of Moscow and all the Central Industrial Region of — monopulse radar centimeter spectrum of «Don-2N.»

«Don-2N» — station radial survey provides continuous monitoring of cosmic space at an altitude of 40 thousand km and allows to detect ballistic missiles in space, to accompany them to determine the coordinates, consider the composition of complex goals were selected and missile warheads, missiles inducing also automatically detect and characterize motion of cosmic objects, transfer trajectory measurements in the control center of cosmic space.

In peaceful surroundings radar operates at a low radiated power. If necessary, the station is transferred to a active operating mode. In the case of a missile attack, it is capable to work in a completely offline, provided that systems are independent power and water supplies, refrigeration equipment, repair units, supplies and food.

Around the radar for several kilometers screens placed bio protection and built a transport tunnel. When the plant is operating at full power, input and output are carried out through it.

Round the clock real-time combat crew team Fri radar «Don-2N» is being processed and the analysis of cosmic disk imaging and electronic situation in the zone of responsibility of the station.

In order to maintain a constant readiness spetsy radar often make educational training in detection, tracking, managing, and defeat ballistic targets, also the definition of the characteristics of motion of cosmic objects. Training is conducted with the introduction of special computer programs that simulate actual combat conditions.


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