Defense of the Russian Federation and Belarus are inextricably linked among themselves

The position in which was after the collapse of the Union of Belarusian defense industry sector, it was quite controversial. On the one hand, the new government has been quite a huge share of military production in the total state of the economy — in Belarus was located about 120 companies and defense organizations, among which there were 15 research institutes and design. On the other side of the border because of their own location, in the period immediately after the war, tried not to have large military production of the final product. The only exception to this rule was the Minsk Automobile Plant, which engaged in the creation wheel tractor mounted missile systems, but these machines (without looking at their value) are not specific weapons. Most of the Belarusian company is a subcontractor and specialized in production of various sub-systems and devices.

At the current time defense of the Republic of Belarus has about 50 individual companies and organizations. With all of this in the process of restructuring and conversion of "defense" Belarusian leaders managed to keep the core of specialized military industries, including all existing in the Byelorussian SSR 15 defense research institutes and design bureaus also make certain intra-co-operation between them. In addition, in Belarus managed to keep the R & D system and upgrade the defense sector sources state economy. In a certain way this is due to the attention given to issues of defense administration of President Alexander Lukashenko.

So tight enough political ties between Belarus and Russia have allowed not only save the cooperation between UIC 2-state neighbors, and given the opportunity to speak to Minsk in full force and re-exporter of "provider" Russian weapons systems at a number of outdoor markets, carrying with it all the legitimate Russian modernization and Russian weapons systems with the assistance of a tight fit with the creators who are in Russia. Besides the Belarusian authorities were able after 2000 to maintain its own defense albeit very limited, but constant and tangible defense orders (with the main support for the modernization and information solutions).

DIC Russia and Belarus are inextricably linked
MZKT-7930, a basic chassis for mobile systems, "Topol-M" and "Yars"

At the current time in Belarus do not focus on the diversification of its own defense industry, and to deepen its expertise through the development of specialized areas of Belarus for defense production. At the current time to officially designated primary and more promising fronts of the defense industry of Belarus in the interests of their own armed forces include:

— means of mobility military purposes;
— military geographic information systems;
— inclusive of anti-precision weapons;
— UAVs and their systems;
— communications technology and automation, information technology, special software for promising acquisition systems disk imaging and management, etc.

Our home now has scientific, technical and industrial cooperation with all Belarusian defense enterprises and design bureaus actually on 1600 names of production of military-technical purpose. Components produced in the Republic of Belarus are used in the manufacture of Russian tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and BMD, armored recovery vehicles, missile systems and missiles for them, SAU, anti-tank and anti-aircraft complexes, small tools, also means a close fight. Now the base of Belarusian supplies are navigational instruments, piloting systems, facilities gallakticheskoy and satellite communications, antenna systems, radio stations, aircraft and stationary computing systems, automation systems and software, and opto-mechanical, control and assembly equipment for the production of very large scale integrated circuits.

DIC Russia and Belarus are inextricably linked
SAM "Buk-2M" on the chassis MZKT-6922

Strengthen the relationship between the "defense" of 2-promoted signed the 2010 contract for the development of military-technical cooperation, according to which increased the efficiency of interaction between countries in the matter of supply of military purpose. So, that is the first time the Russian Federation defense companies were able to work directly with Belarusian companies without having to design export and import licenses.

The main product

At the current time, a greater enthusiasm for the Russian Federation represents the product of the Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant. This plant was the Special lines of MAZ, which first gained independence in 1991. In the 60-ies of the last century to the present day, this plant is the main creator and producer of cars, "centipedes" mobile missile systems and other systems at first for the Armed Forces of the USSR and then Russia.

At the current time MWTP for the most part, in the interests of Russian customers, supplying eight-MZKT-79221, which serve as a base for Russian mobile missile complexes strategic focus, "Topol-M" and "Yars". The company also exports to Russia four-axle chassis MZKT-7930, which is the base for Russian tactical missile "Iskander-M", coastal antiship missiles "Ball" and "Bustin-P" is also a variety of special and transport-charging machines . The next four-axle chassis — MZKT-79111 (a variation MAZ-543) is used in the MLRS "Smerch" and the S-300P. Commissioned by the Russian Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" Belarusian company has developed a triaxial MZKT-6922, which is the wheelbase for air defense systems "Buk-M2E", "Tor-2ME", "Osa-AKM", and radar systems for the 1 — On of the most advanced air defense systems S-400 is suitable five-axis machine MZKT-79292.

DIC Russia and Belarus are inextricably linked
SAM Pechora-2M

Scope of Defense

Now located in Borisov 2556 th factory repair electronic equipment (previously owned by the Ministry of Defense of the USSR). In the Russian period immediately engaged in repair of S-75 and S-125, as a number of radar. This company was also the head of repair of long-range air defense missile systems S-200V. Since 1992, there have mastered the repair SAM "Buk", "Osa-AKM" ZRPK "Tunguska", SAM S-300PT/PS also a wide range of radar control systems and other ground equipment. At present, in the Russian-Belarusian MFPG "Defense Systems", this plant is the modernization and supply for export S-125M in the version of "Pechora-2M". Doing work on the modernization of air defense project NIISA (Buk-MB) and NTP "Tetrahedron".

In the area of air defense works great Minsk Research Institute of Automation (NIISA), which until 2010 served under the brand SSPA "Agate". This research institute in the Soviet Union was the main developer of the Mobil
e Integrated Systems (ACS) command and control. In 1999, it was specifically assigned task for the creation and production process control forces, reconnaissance, and electronic warfare weapon, including a visual display disk imaging, communications, radar and computer technology. After 1992 the enterprise was released a number of ACS for the armed forces of Russia and Belarus, also for export. The Institute is practiced on the development team Fri Air Force and Air Defence at various levels, Fri guidance and ACS Mission Control.

Optics and electronics

To be more successful Belarusian defense companies can be attributed located in Minsk of "Bearing". This enterprise was the lead developer of military opto-electronic systems and optical devices in the USSR. The main activity of the company was and is aiming to develop systems and sights for various armored vehicles. In this class of "Bearing" made sighting system "Frontier-M" (for the modernization of BMP-2), a panoramic complex Commander (which is installed on the new versions of the T-90, also on the BMPT). And the company is engaged in the creation of multi-channel thermal imaging gunner's sight, "Pine" and "Pine-U", which are used as part of the modernization of T-72 tanks, including the version of "Slingshot", also the thermal sight "Booklet" (for BMP-3M).

DIC Russia and Belarus are inextricably linked
Gunner's thermal sight "Sosna-U" is used on the T-90ms

The company also engaged in production of single-channel thermal imaging gunner's sight, "Essa", which are used on tanks T-90 and "Essa-72" for the T-72, respectively, "Plisa" for (T-80 and T-90), as "Spring- K "and" SOG-M "(for BMP-3), also infrared illuminators PL-1. These systems are used quite extensively for armored vehicles as the Armed Forces, and for armored vehicles that our homeland is exported. Lock and systems "Plisa" and "Essays" is in a joint venture with Vologda Optical and Mechanical Plant (SP "sighting"). For the production of thermal imaging systems use thermal imagers French family Thales Catherine, are acquired and integrated into the joint Belarusian-Russian-French enterprise "Sanoet."

Repair facilities

Also contribute to the development of severe DIC Belarus will wear repair factory. They allow her to have an independent basis for the repair and modernization of military equipment, it is also engaged in exporting abroad. For example, the 140th Armoured Repair Plant, located in Borisov today is the main tank repair base in the country. It can repair the middle of the T-55 MBT T-72 and T-80, and BMP-1 and 2, all types of armored personnel carriers BTR-80 up to and including BRDM-2 vehicles based on them, are also quite a wide range of diesel engines. At the current time, the main income of the company brings the epitome overhaul listed as armored vehicles on the orders of the Belarusian armed forces and for export from the presence of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and Belarus. And this is where the REPAIR T-80BV that were delivered to Yemen in 2010-11.

Another more fundamental repair facility is the 558th Aircraft Repair Plant, located in Baranovichi. He practiced in the repair of the Tu-16, Su-17/22, the Su-27. Even after the collapse of the Soviet Union there has been mastered repair of MiG-29, Su-25, An-2, Mi-24 and Mi-8. At the current time, the enterprise is a major Air Force aircraft repair plant of Belarus, which is capable of creating repair the main types of aircraft in service with the country.

DIC Russia and Belarus are inextricably linked
Belarusian drone Grif-1

Cooperation between countries is expected to grow

Our homeland is going to really use the potential of the Belarusian defense industry as part of the modernization programs from the Armed Forces. At the March 2012 meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin and First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko was agreed to establish an ad hoc Belarusian-Russian working group on military-technical cooperation between the upcoming activation with 2 countries. Namely, it was a joint development of military technology holdings, also establishing cell production base in the field of microelectronics. In this regard, Belarus made a proposal for standardization in the field of military industry, also introducing a 2-one countries of technical regulation. Ascended the question of equal access of companies from Belarus to the role in tenders held by Russian Ministry of Defense.

At the current time, Belarus manufactures its equipment with special and dual purpose, which has no analogues zabugornyh. First, it refers to the languid multiaxial chassis created for the installation of various weapons systems. Specifically, road-mobile systems such as "Yars" and "Topol-M". Quite a large scientific potential in Belarus is in computer science, microelectronics, optoelectronics and radar, electronic warfare as well. Usually on the very highest level measured Belarusian software products, as ACS instrument and troops. In recent years, quite the highest rates the direction for the development of the UAV.

On this basis, the intention of the political control of the Russian Federation to use the potential of the Belarusian defense industry to accelerate the pace of implementation of their own programs, re Russian army looks fully justified. In turn, this allows the Belarusian companies count on a significant premium in the amount of orders and cash receipts.

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