Deliverers. Infantry

Liberators.  InfantryFirst, in April 1945 Reddish Army was on the verge of Berlin. In a straight line to the German capital had sixty miles. But everyone — from ordinary fighter to commanders — understood that pass this distance will be hard. To the liberators were to the hottest and biggest fight in the history of the world — Berlin battle.

3.5 million people from both sides come together to fight for the lair of fascism. Zhukov has to put the brunt of the shortest distance — through Zelovskie height, forming a barrier to escape the German group. A major role in the battle, as well as throughout the war, was to play Russian infantry. Experienced, having passed through the war veterans and young soldiers, who had just arrived at the front line.

Infantry first get up in the way of the enemy, taking up the defense. Infantry liberated the town, village and village, and is specifically the Marines endured on his own shoulders the main burden of the war: the severity of the early years, the captivity, the environment and satisfaction coming. The infantry marches 10s km, when the terrible lethargy fighters, carrying gun, ammunition, knapsack and cape, literally slept on the go. Gen. Infantry was formed from digging trenches and mending some clothes and unarmed combat skills to lead and go for tanks.

The main weapon in the infantry during the war was the Mosin rifle — "mosinka" or "trehlineyka." Evenly changed its PCA. During the Berlin operation, Marines had to fight a difficult battle in the streets of the fortified town, but they were honored to hoist the banner of victory over Berlin.

Also in the series contains the story of the highest military order "Victory"And the medal" For Victory over Germany in the stateliness Russian War of 1941-1945. "

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