Deliverers. Mountain Arrow

The coming of the Caucasus

Liberators.  Mountain ArrowBy the summer 1942 , German troops reached the foothills of the Head of the Caucasus mountain range. Huntsman division "Edelweiss" bursting through the passes in the Caucasus. Here in the mountains, in the midst of glaciers, cliffs and gorges, the actions developed with a special drama. And their main heroes were Russian mountain arrows.

In the past remained joint German-Soviet athletes, mountaineers climbing in the mountains of the Caucasus, which allowed the German High Command cards have ridges and roads. And if each mountain shooter Wehrmacht took extensive training, the Russian Alliance met a war with the parts that were only Mountain by name.

August 21 1942 , the German climbers on Mount Elbrus hoisted the Nazi flag. In an emergency of the Red Army began to create military training items of mountain training, where most of the time is devoted to special mountaineering training. Mastered the ability of the movement in the mountains, the soldiers learned the intricacies of crossing mountain rivers. Fighter learned to ski on the slopes, do dashes in the circuit, keep consuming at least some of the provisions. Increased attention was paid to arms shooters. One of them, a mortar, an indispensable criteria in the mountains.

1943. The troops of the Southwestern and Southern Fronts, ousting the enemy, put the environment at risk the entire German Army Group "A". Rate commander gave the order to prepare the coming of the Transcaucasian Front. Were fighting for passes. A separate group of Russian climbers got a job at Mt establish municipal flag of the Union of Russian.

A separate part of the series is devoted to the medals that were given to warriors who participated in the multi-day defense of big cities: Leningrad, Odessa, Sevastopol, Stalingrad and others.

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