Deliverers. Paratroopers

Liberators.  ParatroopersWinged infantry, a new branch of the Air Forces of the USSR, was born in 1930. First in world history airborne unit was created in the Leningrad military environment and consisted of 480 skydivers from 18 aircraft. Before the war the country had already 5 Airborne Corps, which serves about 50 thousand paratroopers.

The true baptism of paratroopers took in early 1942, taking part in the conduct of operations Vyazemsk. In the night of 23 February 7 tyscham paratroopers had to grab a metal road Vyaz'ma-Kirov and reach out to Viazma, Dorogobuzh, Yuhnov. And in the rear already formed new airborne troops. The soldiers were trained to lay down the parachute and jump from a plane, overcoming fear and mastering the contingencies that have arisen in the air. In parallel, the paratroopers were engaged in physical training, studied martial arts, mastered the art of using a cool and light gun. Real paratrooper had to be able to do everything and shoot at least some kind of weapon — whether native or PCA German MP.

In autumn 1943 the Red Army had to go to cross the Dnieper. Preparing craft, artillery moved up. On the ground under the Sumy and Kharkiv in Lebedyn, currants and Bogodukhov walked past in the manufacture of aircraft for loading. In the first wave of troops involved 138 aircraft.

A separate chapter of the series knows about the history of the Order of the Red Star.

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