Developer: C-500 — more than a typical AAMS

Promising anti-aircraft missile system S-500 will be radically different from its predecessors — the C-400 and C-300, said on Friday, CEO of "GSKB" Almaz-Antey "Vitaly Neskorodov.

"For obvious reasons, I can not tell you everything in detail and, nevertheless, I will answer: this is a brand new, does not overlap with the S-400 system, as used in its design than the one used in the C-400 technical solutions" — said Neskorodov, quoted "Interfax".

"They allow you to implement the problems solved by means of the system, on the other qualitative and quantitative level. And while we're on the topic of "what it is like," that will open another secret. In the guise of a new system, you will not find the same physiognomic similarities, which is at the C-300 and C-400. Moreover, the results of our work is not a typical air defense missile systems in the usual representation. It's more than that. We have always tried not to give the characteristics of the best world standards, I hope that this will be achieved in this project, "- said the director general.


Neskorodov told reporters that the elements of the S-500 will be available by the end of 2012.

"The first samples of individual means of (…) in the" hardware "will appear at the end of this year", — said Neskorodov.

He said that initially all the work on the S-500 system as a whole was released six years.

"In order to meet at such times, bringing development to the completion of the state tests, it was necessary Tekhproekt, which is now in question, complete a half or two years maximum. Instead, it ran for three years ", — said the director general.

Asked about the reasons for the delay with the development of S-500, Neskorodov said that "they are not technical or technological, but purely organizational nature."

"In particular, after the death in 2007 of Alexander Alexeyevich Lemansky — the creator of the C-400 — the enterprise for one and a half years have not been chief designer," — added the CEO.

On Friday, the head of anti-aircraft missile forces Air Force Maj. Gen. Victor Humenna reported that a promising anti-aircraft missile system S-500, which is in development, may enroll in the army three years later.

AAMS-C500 and medium-range air defense missile systems "Vityaz" will go to the troops, not earlier than after 2015, said Humenna.

Earlier, the commander of Operational-Strategic Command Aerospace Defense Lieutenant General Valery Ivanov told reporters that promising anti-aircraft missile system S-500, which creates concern PVO "Almaz-Antey", will arrive in the Russian army in 2015.

"By 2015, we get a new radio equipment, new fighter jets and the new S-500. This is the fifth-generation technology, which will cover Moscow ", — said Ivanov earlier.

Humenna also said that the long-range missile for air defense systems (ADMS) S-400 "Triumph" in the near future will go into service of the Air Force of Russia, the RIA "Novosti".

"Long-range missiles for the S-400 is ready, it is produced, and in the near future will come into service in those shelves that already are on combat duty," — said Humenna.

The general said the tests long-range missiles are still ongoing and will continue. He noted that the claimed specifications have been confirmed in tests. Earlier, the Ministry of Defence signed a contract for the supply of long-range missiles for the S-400.

Humenna also recalled that the S-400 in 2012 and thereafter will be located in the coastal and border areas of Russia.

"Unlike previous years, when the system received in the suburbs, these systems will be located in the coastal and border areas," — said the general. When asked by reporters whether the S-400 delivered to the army this year, he said that "the addition is bound to be."

S-400 "Triumph" — a system of large and medium-range new generation. It is designed to destroy all current and future air and space attack — reconnaissance aircraft, aircraft of strategic and tactical aircraft, tactical and operational-tactical ballistic missiles, medium-range ballistic missiles, hypersonic targets, jammers, radar surveillance aircraft and other guidance and .


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