Developer: Nuclear charge for the Bulava is ready

Nuclear warhead ballistic missile for sea "Mace" ready. As RIA "News", reported by the developer of the rocket, the general designer of the Moscow Institute of Heat Engineering, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Solomonov. "The nuclear warhead worked out. When combat missiles will be loaded on the carrier, a nuclear warhead will be fully ready, "- he said.
Responding to a question, how much will this program live from the moment of the first submarine combat duty until the end of technical operation, Solomon said that the whole group "is guaranteed to exist until 2050."

Four start "Bulava" is scheduled to take place in 2011. According to Solomon, it is necessary to dial a predetermined safety factor rockets and start its mass production.

"Formally, based on those requirements which are written in the tactical and technical project of the Ministry of Defence, we are obliged to implement them. You can do them in different ways. It is possible in the framework of the state tests so as you can — enlisting the statistics are start-ups, which are carried out within the framework of the combat operation by shooting control and production of missiles, according to the plans of the start-up of combat training, "- said Solomon.

Responding to a question about whether it was planned holding volley of fire, the scientist said, "In all countries, all submarines are designed including the salvo launch. The decision to start-up and volley amount received by the State Commission. "

Intercontinental ballistic missile "Bulava" has the potential to become the foundation of naval strategic nuclear forces under the missile has already laid the new submarines. Of the 14 rocket launches, only half declared successful. Last start "Bulava" was produced by 29 October 2010 and was considered successful.

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