Development of RT-Himkompozit space satellites will extend the life of three times

Obninsk NPP "Technology" (part of the holding company "PT Himkompozit" Rostekhnadzor SC), and "NPO. Lavochkin" developed a thermoregulatory system that will extend the life of satellites.

With the new thermal control system average life of satellites is tripled, from 5 to 15 years, the press service of the Civil Code "Rostekhnadzor." In addition to increasing the service life, thermal control system, including the thermo-coated panels, possible to reduce the mass of the satellites and the effectiveness of their use.

In the "Rostekhnadzor" noted that "The suit for the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, engines and rocket parachute system manufactured enterprise, which today includes a" Rostekhnadzor. "Now subsidiaries of the Corporation produces components for all vital systems of space vehicles: a high-precision navigation equipment, thermostatic , protective and optical systems. "

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