Development of Russian programmers listed in the Guinness Book of Records

The innovative development of Russian programmers needed to conduct online video conferencing with more participants are listed in the Guinness Book of Records

This was reported in domestic companies and Mind ExpertSystem, specializing in the creation of high-tech software / firmware /.

Innovative software was used during the conference on a very topical theme: "Multiple sources of income quickly." Demonstration of the new items was held in the format of the video actually held a forum in which representatives of seven federal districts of Russia, as well as representatives from abroad.

For example, in the Central Federal District in the forum was attended by 2,735 people, and from the Siberian — 1172. According to the conditions, the duration of the video forum was to be 30 minutes. Because his work was of an interactive nature, the number of participants is varied within a range from 12012 to 14248 people. The smaller figure was accepted by specialists in the Guinness Book of Records as the student's record.

Following the forum, and all of the calculations spokesman Book of Records Jack Brokbenk announced that Russian experts have beaten the previous world record. It was installed in Cambridge / pc. Massachusetts, United States / August 23, 2011 and amounted to 10,899 participants. According to the organizers of the web training Dmitry Sklyarov / Company Mind / and Ilya Churakova / ExpertSystem /, "It is not the most that can distance learning technologies and ahead of yet another record".

The innovative development of Russian programmers attracted many domestic companies, government agencies and private users. This technology is used in particular in the field of youth forums in Russia — "Seliger-2011" and "Mashuk-2011", the second stage of the XII Congress of "United Russia", the annual conference "Antitrust in Russia", "Baikal International Economic Forum" , Forum "Transport Infrastructure in Russia-2011", etc.

A special interest in it showed the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and its member companies. Industrialists believe that the holding of such a high-quality video conferencing, also known as webinars, allows businesses to save considerable resources in conducting the modernization, training, latest technology and the so-called lean manufacturing. All this reduces the cost and increases the competitiveness of products manufactured in the real sector of the economy.

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