Disaster in 2001 was not




July 18, 2001 appeared on the Internet and was reprinted in the message (presumably, the message source — Vladivostok) of which occurred in the Far East UFO crash: "… The explosion destroyed three private houses, there were no injuries. Plot from the scene shown on local television . Revealed debris military says it is — not a plane or helicopter or a space to earth. crash site — 3 decent fragment of black. territory not beleaguer … Size debris to 2×3 meters, but most are small — 0.5 x0, 5. Fragments perceived in black color, but not burnt. " After 9 days, a new post: "… Do the residents of destroyed houses was strong radiation damage. Many complain of headache, vomiting. District closed …" July 30 came the last message: "… Nausea, headache, vision problems … District is closed, people in hospitals. One died" …
9-17 March 2004 "Kosmopoisk" visited the site of the events in the Primorsky Territory and found out the following:
No black debris on the specified message in place of the explosion is not. The only black object indefinite shape, measuring approximately 3×3 meters, seen on the hillside with binoculars, in fact, upon closer inspection, turned out the play of light and shadow.
Local people have not heard of such an event. Representatives of the local military unit and the local FSB (private conversation) had not heard about the crash of 2001. At the local hospital statement splash of diseases relating to 2001, does not know.
The local UFO talk about this event is puzzling is associated not so much with the fact that invented a non-existent sensation, as with the fact that the public unwittingly diverted from other events, accidents or explosions spherical UFOs really happened January 29, 1986 at these locations.
The issue of "catastrophe 18.07.2001" (as well as many other "crashed duck") can be considered closed.


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