Displacement of Earth’s magnetic field causes supershtormov


9.02.11.V NASA warned about it … scientific sources written about it … geologists have seen evidence of this in the rock strata and ice core samples … Now "it" in: unstoppable magnetic pole shift that has accelerated, and caused life-threatening chaos of the world pogody.Zabudte about global warming — man-made or natural — planetary weather control climate, and climate controls solar magnetosphere and its electromagnetic interaction with a planet's own magnetic field.

When the field shifts, when it fluctuates, when it becomes fluid and unstable — anything can happen.

Magnetic pole shifts have occurred many times in Earth's history. Now it happens to every planet in the solar system, including Earth.

The magnetic field has a significant impact on the weather, and when the fields start to move, it causes supershtormov.

Supershtormov arrives

The first evidence we have, that the first cycle superstorm was a series of devastating storms that hit the UK in late 2010.

Then severe storms hit the North America. Last supershtorm as of this writing — is a storm, which stretched for 2,000 miles, and affected more than 150 million people.

In addition to the storm, sowing chaos throughout the West, the South, Midwest and Northeastern states, another storm in the Pacific Ocean near Australia, another storm broke.

Southern continent has suffered from epic superstorm, the rains that flooded in a few hours on the ground a few feet. Tens of thousands of homes were damaged or destroyed. After the flood of houses between the once quiet town Gudna were seen floating shestizhabernye sharks.

Shocked authorities now bluntly acknowledge that any flood waters will never dry up, and wearily resigned to the possibility that the region will now be something like a small inland sea.

But just a few weeks later, another supershtorm called Iasi struck northeastern Australia. Devastation he left behind, rescuers dubbed a war zone.

The incredible superstorm drove wind speeds of 190 miles per hour (about 300 km h approx. Mixednews). Defined in the fifth category, the storm is more related to the sixth category. Reasons for this are that a storm with winds of 155 miles is considered as category five storm, while Iasi was nearly 22 percent more powerful.

However, Iasi may be just a prelude to future superstorm. Some climate researchers, studying rapidly shifted magnetic field predict that in future supershtormah wind will reach 300-400 miles per hour (500-650 km h).

Such storms destroy all what will face on the surface.

The possibility of other storms like Iasi or worse, does not promise anything good of our civilization, no source in complex electromagnetic coupling between the Sun and Earth.

Dynamic and is in constant change electric magnetosphere Sun interacts with Earth's magnetic field, which affects the rotation, precessional wobble, dynamics of the planet's core, and especially the weather.

Cracks in the Earth's magnetic shield

North magnetic pole is moving toward Russia at a rate of five miles per year. This progression is to the East for decades.

In the last decade, the shear rate unexpectedly increased. Now the magnetic pole shifting to the East at 40 miles per year, which shows an increase of 800 percent.

Recently, when the magnetic field began to waver in NASA found it "cracks". This is troubling because it significantly affects the ionosphere, troposphere, wind direction and atmospheric humidity. All three factors have an impact on the weather.

Even worse is that the shield against cancer-causing radiation is the magnetic field. It acts as a shield, deflecting harmful ultraviolet rentgenovoskoe radiation and other dangerous radiation. With the weakening of the field and the appearance of cracks, the death rate from cancer could skyrocket and mutations of DNA can take rampant.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration United States issued a report caused a flurry of panic, where they predict that in the future supershtorm can destroy most of California. Scientists from the management saying that this is a possible scenario, and will be based on the "atmospheric river" moving the water at the same rate as 50 Mississippi rivers flowing into the Gulf of Mexico.

The magnetic field can thinned and disappear

The Economist wrote a detailed article about the magnetic field, and that happens to him. In the article, they note:

"However, adding more evidence that a magnetic field can disappear, at least for a while. Geological records show that at times it turns over, when the south pole becoming the north, and the north — south, and vice versa. On average, such upheavals occur every 500,000 years, but the clear trend has been observed. Revolutions can happen in the space of 50 thousand years, although the last time this happened was 780,000 years ago. But, as discussed at the Symposium Greenland Space Science, held recently in Kangerlussuaq, there are signs that point to what is coming, another change of poles. "

The journal Nature published a scientific paper "Weather and the Earth's magnetic field," which discussed the magnetic pole shift, and its effects on the weather. Scientists are also very concerned about the growing danger supershtormov and their impact on humanity.

Supershtormy not only cause damage to agriculture around the globe, causing food shortages and mass starvation, they will also change coastlines, destroy cities, and leave behind tens of millions homeless.

Supershtormy can also lead to the collapse of society, culture and even the whole country. People can start to fight each other.

A study conducted by Danish researchers and published in the scientific journal Geology, found strong correlation between climate change, weather and magnetic fields.

"The earth's climate is much affected by the planet's magnetic field, which may conflict with the view that global warming is responsible for the human factor."

"Our results show a strong correlation between the strength of Earth's magnetic field and the amount of rainfall in the tropics," says the journal Videnskab Mads Farshou Quds, one of the scientists who conducted the study.

"He and his colleague Peter Riisager, compared the reconstructed Earth's magnetic field five thousand years ago, based on data from stalagmites and stalactites found in China and Oman."

Possible change of the magnetic poles can also be the beginning of a new ice age

According to some geologists and scientists, we have left the last interglacial period behind. These periods are the periods of about 11,500 years, which occur between major ice ages.

One of the most exciting features of the approaching Ice Age is what happens to the Chandler wobble of the poles.

Earth wobble stopped.

As explained at the dedication of geology and space science website earthchangesmedia.com, «Chandler wobble was first discovered in 1891 by American astronomer Seth Carlo Chandler. This effect causes the Earth's poles to move in an irregular circle in 3-15 meters diametric variations. Earth Wobble has a 7-year cycle which produces two additional, small vibrational spiral circle and a large vibration spiral circle, spaced at 3.5 years.

"In October 2005, the Earth was moving in a small spiral cycle (min. phase fluctuations), which in the course of 2006 and the first few months of 2007 have been slow to develop. (Each spiral cycle takes about 14 months). But by the beginning of November 2005, the following places the axis of rotation has changed suddenly at a very acute angle with respect to its circular motion.

"Trail of the axis of rotation has started to slow down and by about January 8, 2006 all of the relative motion in the X and Y coordinates, which are used to define the daily changing location of the rotation axis, almost died."

And the Earth wobble stopped — just as it was predicted to be an important sign of an imminent ice age.

Thus, the beginning of a new Ice Age is marked by a change of the magnetic poles, increased volcanic activity, more destructive and more frequent earthquakes, colder winters, and the cessation of fluctuations superstorm Chandler.

Unfortunately, all these conditions are fulfilled.

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