District is transformed, challenges remain

For the second year with the onset of autumn, we acquaint our readers with the outcome of the Comprehensive Programme on improvement of the area. The results of the work done by the utility services in the current year, we talk to the head of the Civil Code "IP Yuzhnoportovy District" Natalia Kuvardin.

— Natalia G., remind our readers how much work has been planned for this year and how the whole process of this accomplishment?

— Despite the fact that in the previous year, we have done a very large amount of work on the landscaping of our district for the current year 2012 was to do no less. The entire scope of work on landscaping the area was carried out in three programs: "Housing" and "Development of the leisure industry", "Development of transport system." The program "Housing" planned repair 45 yards and repair porches residential sector 43 area. According to the program "Development of the leisure industry" had to repair the 20910 square meters. m lawns, repair and install 29 small architectural forms, arrange rubber bases on 6580 square meters. meters of children's playgrounds. Planned repair and installation of fences at 2079 meter, as well as construction of new playgrounds at 13-yard areas. The program "Development of transport system" had to renovate 13523 square meters. m asphalt concrete pavement, and replace ustanovit1858 square. m curbs. To create a comfortable environment recreation area residents planned installation of Inter-district town at the second Yuzhnoportovy pr-d, 15-17. It was necessary to build 5 new playgrounds at: Simonovsky Val, 11/31, str. Novoostapovskaya, 6, str. Saykina, 7, str. Trofimov, 20, str. 5th Kozhukhovskaya, 14, Bldg. 1. The development of the transport system was to equip 1066 parking spaces yard areas area.

— All of the types of work you were important? Or do some of them have been more of a priority?

— The priority in the implementation of the planned programs on landscaping the area one: the gradual creation of conditions for a comfortable stay residents. Therefore, all areas identified plan for housing services were equally important. Performing all types of works carried out in accordance with the layout and with the wishes of the residents and applications. And they sometimes do not coincide, because in some cases the application and wishes of the residents of one house were completely opposite.

— On October outside. You can say all kinds of planned work on the improvement district fully implemented?

— As a result of improvement in the district for the first 9 months of this year, all scheduled jobs are mainly made in the terms provided by a state contract.

— Not all residents are less optimistic in assessing the ongoing improvement work. What are the most in this year complained about the population of the district?

— Some work on landscaping the area caused dissatisfaction among the residents. Most often, this concerns the quality of the repair driveways, installation of parking spaces. Of course, all shortcomings are eliminated by forces of contractors.

There were complaints about the elimination of covered pavilions at many bus stops Yuzhnoportovy district. But all of them are objects of small retail trade. Their installation and removal is not within the competence of the Civil Code "IP Yuzhnoportovy area", as these measures are a part of the city program. They complain of the inhabitants and the lack of protections for a number of yards, which, as the authors write letters, then use the same car owners, placing them on the lawn. Constantly turning residents and requests to take tough decisions against pet owners, conducting dog walking right under the windows of apartment buildings. These appeals, we take note. In the formation of the current maintenance program for 2013 are taken into account the wishes of the residents will be required. On the petition of residents asking you to set the interval Street. Trofimov from the cinema "Freedom" to Andropov avenue additional road sign "No parking" is directed application in the traffic police to encourage the resolution of the issue. The question is taken personal control of the head of council.

The plan for landscaping the area Yuzhnoportovy for 2013 already? Residents can get to know him?

— As for the plans for 2013, it provided a range of works on landscaping the area. This landscaping yards, installation of new playgrounds coated repair container areas, installation of new fencing, construction of lawns, landscaping the area. According to the program of socio-economic development plan arrangement of the pedestrian area at the third Krutitskii Val, 13, improvement of 3 yards, repair 2 playgrounds, renovated 11-porches. Of course, these plans are preliminary. The addresses will be discussed with the dedicated funding and approved in accordance with the Government of Moscow from 24.09.2012, "On the order form, and approval of the lists of improvement works yards, parks and major overhaul of apartment buildings." In the practical implementation of all planned activities we have tried and will try to hold them for the benefit of the district and required the active participation of citizens in the acceptance renovated facilities.

                                                                                                                     Interviewed by Tatiana Lyubimov

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