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Volgogradka Inna Makarova has always lived a double life. But it's not because she Jesuit. Just a day Ina — our contemporary lives in Volgograd their normal daily life, and at night in my dreams comes to her friend, who she calls her memories of the past.

35-year-old Inna Makarova — philologist by training, works as a reviewer in one of the private firms. Cheerful, sociable woman. On the head, as they say, never complained, in a somewhat eccentric friends and family was not seen.

— I remember my childhood to the last detail — says Inna — it is amazing how our memory can store as much information. Vividly I remember the feelings I experienced in reality and especially in dreams.

Their dreams, by his own admission, Inna remembers with 2 hgodovalogo age.

— In early childhood, I often dreamed of the same story: I — man, dressed in a soldier's uniform — says Inna. — I ran through the woods, hiding from some enemies. Wade through the thicket, hiding, but failed. Enemies overtake me and killed by slitting his throat with a knife. Bleeding, I'm dying. This dream was repeated weekly for three years. At first, I felt the fear, the horror of the fact of my death. But then began to perceive the time of the murder is perfectly normal. I realized I need to "pretend" dead, wait until the enemies are gone, and then "get out of the body" and to continue the path. After realizing the "fictitious" death dream ended.

I guess anyone can remember in my lifetime moments of deja vu, a vague sense of the familiar, as if already lived situation. Surprisingly, children's nightmare Inna has had the real sequel. In 2000, Makarova had the opportunity to go to work in Germany. Inna invited as a governess one German family.

As the train crossed the border into Germany, Makarova seized uneasy feeling. There was a feeling that these places are already familiar to her, though she had never visited them. All of two months of work were in turmoil. Almost every night Inna saw dreams of their own, as she claims, a past life, the bloody denouement of which entered her childhood nightmares.

But now the dreams were much more detailed with a lot of great detail. Inna learned from them that was once a simple guy named Serdoba lived in Bulgaria. When the Second World War went to the front as a volunteer in 1943 and was killed by the Germans in a forest in Germany. The most incredible thing that Inna learned in his present surrounded by his friends in the "past" of life and the family in which she lived, and were just those "enemies" of sleep.

— I always perceive their vision with irony — says Inna. — I try not to connect to them and do not worry much about what he saw. Maybe it's my violent fantasy allows you to see in some particular cases confirm the reality of dreams.

And yet, the story and that's not finished. Before leaving home hostess Ingrid as a reward for the work presented Inna gift — a beautiful suit of hand-woven fabrics, embroidered … Bulgarian patterns.

— This costume is as if waiting for you, — said the hostess. — I bought it for my daughter, but she does not come, and you just sit with needles.

On arrival home Makarov was a surprise. She had the second this year, the opportunity to see "zakordonnuyu" life. In August 2000, Inna and friends traveled to sunny Bulgaria. A group of young people traveled for about a month, moving from one city to another, stopping for an overnight stay in camping.

Once the bus going to our tourists to the city Ajtos, broke down on the road. Inna and two other men decided to find out about the friendly Bulgarians nearest place to stay overnight. Locals said quite near a small peacekeeping community, where you can spend the night. Young people went there. Having crossed the boundaries of the community, they saw an old man shabbily dressed man of seventy, sitting on the bench. One of the men acted as a truce. Interfering with Russian and Bulgarian words, Sergey — the so-called man — has asked permission to spend the night in the house of the community. All the talk time attention was focused on the old man's Inn. Without answering, he got up, walked over to the girl and took her face in his hands, clearly said in Russian: "You're back?"

The morning after the overnight Ina tried to start a conversation with the old man. She was tormented by strange phrase, which he delivered the day before and the now familiar feeling that she has been here. But this time could not find out the details: the old man remained silent.

Next winter, Inna Makarova married. Vadim became her lover, a resident of St. Petersburg, who arrived just as she is on holiday in Bulgaria. After the wedding, the couple went to the northern capital, and life went on as usual. Ina few times trying to tell his wife about his unusual dreams, but Vadim just laughed. One day he went to bed, Inna asked: "Let me dream of who we were with Vadim in our past life." A week later, she saw a vivid dream.

— I'm sitting on a bench in the garden Neskuchny — says Inna — I know that the yard priblizitelno1914 year in Russia and restless. I come from a wealthy family of intellectuals, doing ballet, I was about 30 years old. Married to a white officer. Next to me — a young man. This is a great friend of our family. I know that he loves me, even though I never spoke about it. We have known since childhood, and my parents thought I was going to marry him. But I chose another — white officer, to whom I leave today in Turkey. This is the last time I saw my friend, the more we shall never meet again, because the return from exile, I was not meant to be. I raise my head and look at his friend, who holds my hand with great fondness. My friend — a musician who plays the piano, so soundly in the lapel of his gray jacket flaunts exquisite brooch in the form of a treble clef, decorated with small brilliantikom.

Waking up in the morning, Ina decided to share her husband with what he saw at night. Vadim was listening, as always with a small grin. But when it came to describing a young man, his lips trembled. From his skepticism was gone.

— I always wanted to be a musician — hardly audible voice Vadim — and the music school teachers said that I have the makings of a pianist. And that brooch, which you just mentioned, is passed in our family from generation to generation. Now she is a mother. But I was told that she had once belonged to my great-grandfather. But I tell you it was never told.

Perhaps someone will be able to bring all these miracles under scientific platform. Allegedly, according to the theories of Freud, Jung and Kant previously received sketchy information with imagination transformed into vivid images. Of course, over time, science has fully learned the technique of dreams. But while Inna live such an interesting and often mysterious to her life.

— I am often in a dream come my dead relatives. Moreover, there is no fear in doing so I do not feel — says Makarov — we're just talking. They tell me how to live it, I — I live here, but they tend to be informed about our lives. Sometimes I dream of famous people who were tragically killed. Several times communicated with Igor Talc, who even gave me his new poems, with Viktor Tsoi, with Sergei Bodrov. Sometimes people come in a dream, give me advice, warning of the unpleasant events.

In the subject:

Eastern philosophy is based on the theory of reincarnation (literally — "once more into the body"). This theory states that people live on the Earth many lives: birth, dies, is reborn, changing their parents, husbands, wives, children. Thus, each individual acquires a priceless experience that after physical death does not disappear, but it is recorded and stored in the depths of our being, in the recesses of the subconscious.

At certain times of life, often in extreme situations of risk to the existence, in the experience of shock, in times of great physical and mental suffering of a special, one can detect in their skills and knowledge, unknown to him before, and even recall the details of the "past" of life .

For example, in India in 1985 was officially registered a case where the 9-year-old girl Rajni Malini suddenly "remembered" its previous incarnation. She began to tell her parents that her real name is Rekha Singh that it had previously lived in a nearby village and died a year ago from a fever. In the village were her husband and children. Her parents took little Rajni it to the specified address. Imagine the surprise of all present, when she not only recognize and correctly name all the members of her "past" of the family, but talking to her "husband" as a wise elder woman giving him advice and guidance about the education of their "joint" of children.

Numerous experiments immersion of people in a hypnotic state, carried out in the West, also show stored in the recesses of the human brain abilities and knowledge of the existence of people who did not even know. The Christian Bible has lost about reincarnation, though now inquiring minds can find in scripture historical inconsistencies that otherwise can not be explained as a reincarnation.

Inga Martynov

On the face of impossible 4 (335), 2004

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