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22.08.11.Yugo-western provinces of China are still in the grip of severe drought.

Because of the heat wave and the total absence of rainfall there arose a shortage of drinking water. The consequences of the summer heat — in the course of production.

In the center and east of the province of Sichuan in these days is unprecedented heat. The maximum air temperature exceeds 43 degrees in some places Celsius, residents prefer to move strictly from the air conditioner to the air conditioner, or not to go out.

Local meteorological sounding the alarm — if the heat does not back down, experts say, the consequences for agriculture and the health of the population will be very serious.

The inhabitants of the city of Chongqing in the meantime no strength even dream of cold weather. They do not need Egypt to Dubai, because during the day the temperature for a week does not go below 42 degrees. Because of the prolonged drought, the water level in local reservoirs are now 13 meters lower than in August last year.

South of Sichuan and Chongqing — a predominantly mountainous Yunnan province — at this time is usually comfortable time, and the heat, if comes, does not stay long. This year did not work out. Heavenly Office splurge on rain — from May of this year there fell a little more than 400 millimeters of rain. As in Beijing for the whole of July or at the equator in a couple of days. Drought in such circumstances was not long in coming, and there was shortage of water. On disaster management provincial administration has earmarked 34 million yuan.

No better than the situation in the south-western province of Guizhou. The problem is the same — a drought. Already suffered from it for almost four and a half million people and more than two million head of cattle. The truth according to the forecast weather service, August 22-24 in Guizhou will welcome cold snap — it is expected to decrease in air temperature and precipitation.

Editor: Li Juanjuan

Source: CNTV

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