Drought threatens crops in Moldova. Video


04.01.12. Because of the drought this year in Moldova likely canola crop failure. According to preliminary estimates, the direct loss of farmers could reach 50 million lei. To avoid that authorities recommend farmers to insure their crops.

Victor Belous from village Tsambula Syndzhereyskogo area planted nearly 120 acres of rape, but due to the weather conditions for a good harvest, he has no hope. Fields will be planted in the spring again.

In general, the loss of farmers may exceed 50 million lei. Experts in the field offer some solutions.

"We must pay more attention to the cultivation of this crop, if only because it is profitable, but culture is very sensitive to drought and frost. Farmers need to make more use of insurance services of winter crops, "- said the president" Uniagroprotect "Alexander Slusar.

"The manufacturer plans its activities, and it should take all the risks. Help can be obtained only when crops are insured. These are the rules of the game that our producers know. But due to lack of experience and because of psychological factors, they are not used to insure the harvest, "- said the head of the Ministry of Agriculture, Mihai Suvak.

Last autumn rape were planted about 26,000 hectares of farmland.


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