During a fire in the Manezh miraculously survived an icon of the Savior




How many of us believe in miracles? Not in the miracles that were once in the old days, and in those that happen in our real and everyday life? Chances are few. And this despite the fact that a vast number of our fellow citizens are willing to believe in all sorts of anomalies and trust astrological forecasts, healers and sorcerers. However, what happened on the night of 14 to 15 March in the building of the Moscow Manege, other than a miracle will not name.

As you know, the fire started suddenly and immediately swept most of the building. The epicenter of the fire was concentrated in the attic spaces. Naturally, the primarily affected areas of the upper (second) floor of the end of the building.

The right of the main entrance to the arena is a branch of the Moscow banks. It was there, in the conference room of the second floor, on the table was a small icon of the Savior, who came here in 1999, when the office first opened and was consecrated by the Orthodox priest.

The fire stopped …
Early Monday morning, when the Arena was still smoking, the bank's employees, together with the investigators and firefighters entered the building and were amazed … Heavily burned-out room, large chandelier from the ceiling melted, its glass became "stalactites". All around lay the charred remains of furniture. The table on which stood an icon, burned down. But it is the icon itself is not affected. Lightly blacken the face of the Savior, and the angles a bit charred. According to witnesses, the impression that the fire came to the icon, stopped and went no further. Operating room on the first floor is practically not hurt all securities, documents and money were intact.

As they say in such cases, the comments here are irrelevant … Only the church can make its determination as to whether this phenomenon is a miracle. For us, the people of secular, more importantly, because what happened — is evidence of the existence of some other reality that is present in our lives, which is not limited to material, self-serving interest. Alas, self-interest and bitterness reigns now in the minds of people. Today we can not clearly specify the cause of the fire had destroyed one of the great monuments of Moscow XIX century and claimed the lives of two heroic firefighters. Do not want to believe that it was arson. But somehow becomes uncomfortable when a few days after the tragedy at this point already running high maintenance and construction work, builders and architects are planning underground structures in place and the ashes are assessing in mind, how many millions of dollars it would cost the city treasury.

Sign from above
Maybe in that fire and miraculously survived the icon we should see some sign from above, a warning … The scriptures fire has a double meaning in the fire God spoke to Moses (Burning Bush) and fire punish sinners (of Sodom and Gomorrah ). The ashes and was found the Kazan icon of the Mother of God, who saves during the hard times and Moscow, and the Russian invasion of Polish and French. And every time it was a sign that strengthen people's faith and a reminder of the need to unite their forces in opposition to the evil that extends from the creation of the world. As Dostoevsky said, "God is fighting with the devil, and the field of battle — the hearts of men."

Six years ago, Arena and become the very arena of struggle between good and evil. It was there in 1998 at an exhibition of contemporary Russian art someone Ter-Ohanian, who calls himself an artist, to be reflected in the, so-called "creative" idea of rebellion, an ax chopping Russian Orthodox icons. This act was reflected in a drop of water all that is criminal in the eyes of the people and God, and it is an insult to religious feelings, and blasphemy and sacrilege. Unfortunately, in the past, and this year in Moscow and St. Petersburg were similar exhibitions. Perhaps a fire in the Arena — is another signal to us, warning and a reminder that "God is not mocked."



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