Earth expects great redistribution of continents


3.03.11.Uchenye say that in the future appearance of the planet can change before neuznavaemosti.Ocherednym confirmation that the appearance of the continents, even as their number, change of discoveries in South America. It found two quite mysterious cracks that appeared "under mysterious circumstances". Fault or failure in the ground three kilometers long and 100 meters wide was found in Peru, near Lake Titicaca. Other — much longer — in Bolivia. Scientists have no explanation for their occurrence. We have previously reported on the formation of the fault in Africa, which threatens to divide the continent into two almost equal parts. With one of the "new Africa" threatens to crush the Persian Gulf and crash into Eurasia. In addition, scientists have recorded the ongoing process of convergence of Australia and New Zealand. Calms only that the end of these processes must be completed in a fairly distant future.

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