Earth — the reservation aliens

"Arguments and Facts", 10.07.2002, Moscow, n28, p.12

The incident, which occurred on the night of 4 to 5 July in the sky over the Ukraine when the pilot saw the Israeli aircraft to starboard outbreak of unknown origin, re-made the whole world talk about the issue of UFOs. Vladimir Azhazha, president of the Academy of Applied informatsiologicheskoy and ufology, believes that this topic is given too little attention.

On a microscope slide

— Vladimir G., you have written dozens of books and hundreds of articles on the issue of UFOs. Analyzed thousands of cases of observation. Informed on the subject Kosygin, collaborated with the military and the State Duma. Honestly all it is your subjective feelings or they are based on facts?
— One of the mottos of ufology — "Not a word on it." The science of UFOs developed not on someone's fantasies, and on the facts and their interpretations. What kind of subjective feelings or the more hallucinations can be discussed if the volume of collected materials are fixed traces of a UFO landing, damage the flora, fauna and people? Talk about what they saw mentally healthy people, their account number in the millions. Finally, photo and video equipment, as well as radar and special devices are not subject to hallucinations.
— Among the cases of visual observations are clear and fraud …
— In recent years, very little. But such a boom really was. Ten years ago the U.S. was a competition for the best photo of a UFO. The grand prize (450 thousand dollars) went to a certain Ed Walters. And after some time in the attic of his home found a dummy that same "dish", which he photographed. But the most notorious case was in Italy. There's a man sent to prison for fraud. He presented a series of photographs ufologists — "UFO landing in the Alps." Then it turned out that the "UFO" he fashioned wash and figure "alien" molded from clay …
— As far as the genuine UFO, how often do they watch?
— The Americans give the following information: within one hour of their capture at least two or three unidentified flying objects. In our country, no data are available, although during the Soviet authorities were interested in the topic. At the request of staff headquarters of the Navy I even developed "Guidelines" on UFO sightings. When Gorbachev met with the workers Uralmasha, he admitted, yes, there is a problem, and there are groups that are involved in it. However, these works were of a purely practical nature. For example: to identify the principles of the engine UFO …
So, in the Soviet Union were marked by three peaks of activity of "flying saucers". They occurred in 1967-1968, 1976-1978 and 1989. The latter was the most "fruitful." It fell from 3 to 4 thousand sightings (it contacts the 1st kind), from 500 to 700 cases of UFO landing on earth (pin 2 of the second kind) and about 170 meetings with humanlike creatures (contact third kind).
— If the problem is so obvious, why neither the government nor the mainstream science does not recognize it? We continue to insist that the aliens, this is nonsense.
— I caution: do not use the term "aliens". It is incorrect and even vulgar. Scientifically proven that they came from other planets. There is a massive impact on ufogennoe biotechnosphere and its main component — the human race. You can talk about multiproyavlenii on planet Earth and in space other than a human, mind. But no one knows what the mind is and where did his representatives. Perhaps it is a civilization that lives next to us — a multi-dimensional worlds, say, or in the ocean. In fact, the science still has no idea what's going on in the great oceanic depths. At the same time repeatedly observed a UFO rises from the water. So it is not correct to refer to them as aliens and strangers.
As for the silence of the authorities and science … You see, for the first time mankind has realized that it itself is on a microscope slide. All of this causes a feeling of protest. Unpleasant to be a guinea pig.

Mass milking

— There is a fundamental question: why aliens are so interested in us?
— Yes, this is the question of questions … No less complicated than the actual mystery of UFOs. We can say for sure that any aggression from them yet. With their ability they could for an hour incinerate the entire planet. Apparently, we should rule out the hypothesis that they have just studied. After all, the "flying saucer" still appear in cave paintings of early man. Over the past millennium we could explore along, across, and zigzag. So, they have some other interest. And then I draw your attention to the phenomenon of abduction.
— Short of kidnapping with the return?
— Yes. According to our data, this process involves about 300 million people. And as a child through abduction takes place each! It lasts 5-10 minutes. The child identify genetic indicators and return it back, blocking the memory of an episode of the abduction. This happens at night, at about 3-4. If at this time someone in the house is asleep, it induce a deep sleep. The aliens have the ability to carry the physical body through the glass walls, for them it's not a problem.
Genetic parameters are selected by those who would steal in the future, upon reaching puberty. It is about one person in ten. They seize reproduction products — eggs and sperm. This massive milking goes around the planet for a long time. Paintings abductions are described in the Bible, historical chronicles.
— The horror! But for what?
— It looks like they are some kind of work in the field of genetic engineering. And this activity is debugged centuries. Perhaps as a result of hybridization, they are trying to create a more perfect race of people, and drive us out.
— Would you say that they live among us? As in the movie "Men in Black"?
— Not yet. But, according to our estimates, it is expected to start in the next few years. They will introduce hybrids into human society to fulfill a mission unknown to us. After all, our planet was originally a space colony reservation. It was inhabited by various civilizations, and its surface is now strictly divided between the space centers.
— Can a person identify himself, kidnapped him or not?
— The first sign: you have dreams began on aerospace topics. Second, you've noticed in the morning on his body traces of unknown mechanical action. Stitches, scrapes, circular markings. They can appear on the pubic hair, feet, elbow bends …
— What to do? Try to unlock the memory through hypnosis?
— What for? To go crazy, seeing from the side, as you lie on a table, and you stab something or inserting electrodes into the brain? In my books describe the situation when a person remembers well the whole process of contact. In 95% of cases, this has a negative impact on the psyche, and it should be restored.
I repeat: we can not understand what their goals are and what they want from us. Their cultural values in general are beyond our comprehension. Maybe what we think good for them is evil. And vice versa. They save us, and we are confident that they have raped. Who knows how it really is?

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