Earthquake in Finland for the first time in 90 years

February 5, 2013. Quakes in the capital region Finland in Sunday and Monday, January 4, will not affect the seismic activity in the area of St. Petersburg. This was "Fontanka" said chief engineer Geophysical Service RAS Vladimir Karpinski.

"The magnitude of the earthquake in Finland, according to media reports, was only 1.7 points. I suspect that in addition to specialists, and no one noticed. Even the glasses in the cupboard is not ringing — said Karpinski. — On the border between the Republic of Karelia Karelian isthmus and there are so-called Ladoga-Bothnia area: such events happen and there are not uncommon. This seismicity exists almost everywhere and always. "

As stressed by Vladimir Karpinski, sensitive for the Russian border with Finland territories, and for the residents themselves Suomi, could be earthquake a magnitude of 3 — 4 points: "From the point of view of seismology 3 points in Finland — it is an event, albeit a small one."

Recall that, according to Finnish media in the capital region of Finland was earthquake a magnitude of 1.7. This phenomenon is part of the country it is registered for the first 90 years. Tremors were reported in Sunday and Monday, and on Sunday they were stronger. The epicenter was Laayalahti, located a kilometer from Espoo, however, the tremors have been recorded in Helsinki.

Source: Fontanka

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