Earthquake in Japan


Fatalities are more and more

12.03.2011 15:04

The devastating earthquake that struck Japan on March 11, claimed the lives of 1,700 people.

This number includes both dead and missing, the agency "Kyodo".

Panic gripped Japan after the earthquake: lack of water and food, long queues in hospitals

12.03.11. Residents of several Japanese cities hit by the earthquake and tsunami, panic and despair.

People do not have enough water, food and medicine. At the hospital entrance lined up in long lines of wounded. As the correspondent of Reuters, near the city of Fukushima, on the outskirts of which a couple of hours ago exploded nuclear power plant, people lined up in long lines for drinking water in urban centers. Many are still hoping to find their surviving relatives.

Residents of Ivanuma, near Fukushima, write in large letters SOS on the roofs of buildings, partly sunken water in an attempt to attract the attention of rescuers.

In the city of Mito also lined up in long lines in grocery stores and hospitals. "Most shops are closed, this is one of the few that still works, where I can buy water and food," — said the 68-year-old Reuters Kunio Ivatsuki.

The authorities of the neighboring city of Mito put all the survivors in the gym of a local school. "All running somewhere. Earth trembles around burning houses. People just panicked, "- said the 60-year-old Kiyoshi Kanazawa.


RIA Novosti

11.03.11.RIA Novosti.Zemletryasenie 8.9 magnitude occurred on Friday in Japan. The epicenter was located 373 kilometers northeast of Tokyo, his focus lies at a depth of 24 kilometers.
Soon, in the same area several more powerful aftershocks with magnitude above 6.0, the epicenter of one of them was just 67 km from Tokyo. The magnitude of the strongest aftershock of 7.1.

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