Edinburgh in the mountains found ancient swords




Archaeologists have come to the excitement of discovery, which, according to them, proves that drevneshotlandskie settlers traveled through the mountains Kerngormskie seven thousand years ago. More than eighty samples processed flint and quartz related more to the Mesolithic were discovered in the town of Glen Dee near Braemar. Experts believe that the people here have roamed in search of food, staying in different places at different times of the year.

Most of the information about life at that time obtained from sites along the coast. This finding — the first such ancient of Kerngormskih mountains.

As explained by Shannon Fraser, an archaeologist of the National Fund of Scotland, scientists have long suspected that there was held a big way, but without the physical evidence for the presence of ancient people they could not prove anything. Most interesting is that tiny fragments of worked stone, the length of some of which did not exceed a few millimeters, gives reason to believe that these groups of people have been fine with these places — and yet they are today is a very dangerous highlands.

Further investigation revealed that on-site parking was not only the production of tools, but also to use them. The finds include broken tools and fractured pieces of stone formed during the manufacture of products.

Battery News, 01/04/2004 18:39
Source: NTR.ru

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