Electricity from trees

Electricity from the trees to save the planet

New research has found that the trees were long considered lungs of the planet, can also participate in the electrifying atmosphere. Queensland University of Technology scientists believe that, at last, found a link between the trees, and electricity, which the researchers only guessed earlier.

Dr. Rohan Dzhayaratne and Ksuan Lin led by Professor Lydia Moravian experiments conducted in Australia in six areas of Brisbane, including Brisbane Forest Park and Daisy Hill Koala Sanctuary. They found that the concentration of positive and negative ions in the air twice in a densely overgrown forests than in open grassy areas such as, for example, the parks.

Ion formation in nature is the result of two processes: cosmic radiation and radiation from trace-gas hybrids of radon in the air. Radon is a byproduct of the radioactive decay of radium, which is present in very small quantities in rocks and continuously evaporates from the soil.

Since radium is in the rocks, and radon is soluble in water, and ground water are high in radon. Trees also act as "radon pumps", taking the gas out of the ground and releasing it into the atmosphere through the crust — a process in which water is absorbed by the roots and evaporates through the leaves. This is especially true for trees with deep root system, which include eucalyptus.

Queensland University of Technology scientists have discovered that the maximum evaporation in the air with eucalyptus trees forests contain about 37% of radon. Dr. Rohan Dzhayaratne sure that they will have to do a lot of research that are potentially important for the atmosphere, climate, and human health.

Despite the fact that there is a link between the particles carried in the air, and human health, the role of the ions are not yet fully understood. However, it is known that about half of the inhaled particles accumulate in the respiratory system, and the charged particles settle better than neutral. It is also believed that the ions themselves are safe for human health and the danger lurking in the pollutants that can be coupled with the ions.

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