Electronic tickets create for Belarusian students


November 16, Minsk / Andrew Asfour — BELTA /. The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, an electronic student ticket. BelTA learned from the press service of the National Academy of Sciences.

Work on the creation of the electronic ticket are student scientists and specialists of the Center for Identification Systems NAS. E-ticket is expected to be a means of crossing the educational institutions. Also it can be used to simplify the calculation of tuck shops and canteens, and records of issued books in the school library. In addition, the e-ticket holders will have access to electronic databases, computer classes.

Through the creation of a unified base of existing intelligent documents in the education system of the country will be possible the introduction and development of various functional applications, including multi-agency. The terms of their tasks is different from improving safety in educational institutions (turnstiles, entrance control of visitors) to the possibility of using intelligent documents as universal document different urban and social services (libraries, sports facilities) and provide discounts and benefits.

Work on the creation of an electronic document student completed by mid-2013. Incidentally, their counterparts — electronic student cards — are already in place in many higher education institutions in Belarus.

Here it is the much-vaunted democracy Belarus, Lukashenko in America are not allowed inside, where he was picked up, these delusions.

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