Energodar meteorite fell on?


* 9/16/11. * September 7, on Wednesday, the first neighborhood kids Energodar witnessed the landing of a space body — a few meters from the boys.

Parents of children seeing the "after" subject confidently stated: alien — nothing like a real meteorite!

About seven o'clock in the evening when it's dusk, seven-year old Angelina, sitting in a tree in her yard, she noticed a few meters from it flashed something luminous. The subject immediately disappeared near the sandbox nearby.

Some time later, the girl's brother, six-year Tom, discovered an iron ball in a sandbox-like meteorite (known meteorites can be iron, stone or mixed composition): the surface is clearly exposed to high temperatures, as were traces of melting, and seen to Angelina This drop something glowing confirm the theory.

"In the evening, we were worried why children are not at home. Usually after dark — they are right there. And the next time kids ran to the apartment, shouting that they had found a real meteorite. At first we did not pay attention to that. And then, when they saw their discovery and compared it with pictures of meteorites on the Internet, have suggested that this may indeed be a cosmic body, "- says mom Angelina and Artem — Olesya.

About finding GROWTH reported to the Institute of Environmental Geochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences, namely the Committee on Meteorites. With the head of the committee, we agreed Vera Semenenko redirection found the sample (the weight of which, by the way, was 60 grams) to Kiev for the study, the results of which would be clear — this is a meteorite fragment or may be a space satellite. But before that it did not come. After seeing a photo of the ball, Vera Panteleevna concluded: "The lack of fusion crust, and external macroscopic signs, and it is the shape, color and structure of the surface, indicate the origin of non-space object."

Was a false alarm, though Vera Semenenko and said: "From the south-east of Ukraine in recent years we receive a lot of calls, but, unfortunately, most of the finds are debris: fragments flying objects and so on."

Where did this mysterious ball Energodar is still unknown. But if he were alive, would not have been able to assume that he can make some fuss about his "person."

Igor Kotelyanets

Source: GROWTH-info

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