Enterprise Kaluga oil dumping into rivers


18.10.11.V Lyudinovskuyu City Prosecutor's Office (Kaluga region) of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia on 12 October, it was reported dumping of oil into the river Nepolod.

As the correspondent of IA REGNUM Lyudinovskogo Assistant City Prosecutor Roman Hlan, on the communication has been audited by the implementation of legislation in the field of environmental protection, organized by the selection of samples for analysis of wastewater.

During the inspection, it was found that the JSC "Krontif Center" on networks stormwater discharge of oil carried in the river and on to Nepolod Bolva river, resulting in a confluence formed an oily spot size 3×100 meters. Concentration of oil in discharge exceeds maximum allowable of 360 times.

In addition, the JSC "Krontif Center" does not have permission to grant a water body, the validity of a previously issued permit expired on 30 September 2009.

Also, the administration of JSC "Krontif Center has been communicated to the competent authorities of the discharge of oil into the water, not issued an order on measures to mitigate the consequences of the discharge.

When the scan is lyudinovsky city prosecutor made to the General Director of the representation to eliminate violations of legislation in the field of environmental protection. The issue of bringing the perpetrators to administrative responsibility.

As previously reported IA REGNUM, prosecutors another Obninsk Kaluga, the summer of 2011 MT "Water" was recorded volley of wastewater discharge to the municipal sewer system, which led to the death of a large part of the microorganisms in the activated sludge aeration treatment plants. As a result of the incident sharply decreased quality of biological wastewater treatment, started rotting dead microorganisms of activated sludge with the release of decay products, particularly hydrogen sulfide, a problem with the disposal of large amounts of rotting sludge, coupled with the elimination of the problem of air pollution.

Waste water discharge MP "Water" is the river Protva. In place of sewage had foam, oil stains from oil, sharp odor, gray sediment. Reports on sewage quality for June-July 2011, made laboratory MP "Water", indicate that, in violation of the law effluents carried in excess of standards for maximum allowable discharge.

Meanwhile, residents of the city of Kaluga Babynin over 5 years complained to the local authorities on the activities of JSC "Babyninsky Dairy" periodically discharged waste water into the river and pond remeasure villages covered. So, the next check the staff of the Ombudsman in the Kaluga region found that treatment facilities Babyninsky dairy are ineffective without providing cleaning and disinfection of wastewater to established sanitary and environmental standards of environmental quality. The head prosecutor of the Kaluga plant interdistrict environmental prosecution made representations, the court directed the petition to stop the discharge of untreated sewage and uncleared.


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