Essence of another world




Weis Emirametov
I would like to share with you the knowledge, the information that has acquired during contact with the world, which for most people does not exist.

More than 2.5 years I will contact with a variety of otherworldly beings (ghosts, goblins, guardian angels). It all started from the time when, in April 2002 a friend of mine, who dealt with Reiki, suggested a short treatment session. He put his hands on my face. I closed my eyes and felt the heat from his thin arms. After a few minutes, without knowing how, through closed eyes I began to clearly see four hands in front of his face. I immediately told this friend, and he asked if I see something. After a moment, I looked at myself and saw beside him not only my friend, but also a complete stranger to me man. It was a dark, without hair, and he was missing the lower part of the body.

I decided to interrupt the session and try to understand what it was. Continued the session after a few hours. What he saw was even more interesting. In addition to the first person of vision, there was another. He was wearing a dark hoodie, his face radiated immense power. When he came close to me, it seemed to me that my innermost secrets become known to him. After reading my thoughts, he raised his hands, and from them gradually began to appear some symbols glowing light bluish color. I started drawing them.

Later, we were able to buy the book "Reiki" (author — Diane Stein), in which both found these characters. It was give-to-chip seal and Cho-Ku-Rei, and creatures that I saw were the conductors. They are known to those involved in Reiki.

All this I have seen with the third eye chakra. Since I had a completely different face in the night from 15 to 16 June. Then I woke up on the severity, davivshey at me. I opened my eyes and saw the man beside him in a blue suit. He just stood there looking at me. In a dark room it was impossible to see his face. From the fear of my body stiffened and stopped breathing. It lasted no more than 3 minutes, after which it slowly began to sink into the nearest wall to him and disappeared into it. I jumped out of bed and he could not recover from the incident.

Until now I have had such cases more than two dozen and I noticed such a feature: as a rule, essentially arose in those areas where people died. Perhaps after death, when the soul sent to the other world, they leave behind a trail of some kind, and that it leads to our world of ghosts.

The first confirmation of the truth of his visions I received in the spring of 2003, when he met his new teacher. I told her that during the sessions often appears a woman with short curly hair in clothes of the forties. She behaved like a real person. I asked her once where she lives, and she called me to the street and house number. With friends we went to that address, but that house was torn down long ago. My teacher was surprised by my story. It has long been working on clarifying the circumstances of the death of his aunt and learned that because the same address, who was known to me, in 1944, the headquarters of the NKVD, where she was executed. After that, the city archives in the photo, where five people were portrayed, I was able to identify the woman. This incident gave me even more confidence to continue the study.

As I said, after many experiments, our small group of five members I noticed a feature that most spirits, ghosts are in those apartments, houses, where there was a death of a person. So in five apartments where ever I could watch the various entities over time from one month to eight years ago, people were dying. In one such apartment lived my friend. The landlady of the apartment died six months ago. According to her family, this is a good and brave spirit. After her death, she was unable to leave his home and to the fact that surrounded her to death. In fact, it was a very strong woman energetically as for her ghost I could see even in daylight. She did not deliver us the trouble.

The most interesting case, when we attempt to remove the damage from one person, was asked to help the Guardian Angels. They, in turn, asked permission to be in the home of her mistress. At first I was surprised by this, but then I realized that each of us, if he deserves to have the right to be where he pleases, and no one can intrude into his world without a demand.

Absolutely nothing happened in the other apartment, I had the opportunity to attend. Her owner died a year ago. Before his death, it was already an old woman, which were manifested in the behavior of the features of the mean, hidden, offended by the whole world of man. All this is reflected in the apartment where she lived. There I was watching, and even came in contact with a large number of entities, most of which is the essence of the low plan. It was not flat, and a place of pilgrimage for the dark forces.

To this day I am faced with a variety of creatures that I have more to say, but for now you should know that during the time of his actions, we create himself, and after his death will reward us for them. Good or bad — it depends only on us.

The Secret Doctrine 3 (121) February 2004

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