Excavations mom mountains

This year marks exactly 25 years since the Zaporozhye archaeologists unearth Europe's largest burial ground — my mother-mountain reports ReporterUA.


Expedition led by the candidate of historical sciences, professor Gennady Toschev and a candidate of historical sciences, professor Svetlana Andrukh. They need to hurry — after the water wash away Kahovskogo reservoir shore, threatening to bury the unique underwater archaeological sites.

In the 80's of last century, there have been discovered and excavated the first burial. Since then, studies are conducted every year. On mom-mount is one of the largest cemeteries in Europe — people are buried here Bronze Age, the Scythians, Sarmatians, Cimmerians and Nogai.

Archaeologists working on the schedule — from early morning to afternoon. First, dig a large trench.

    Archaeologists working on the schedule — from early morning to afternoon. First, dig a large trench.

     Then the color spots on earth are ancient graves and clearing them.

    All finds pictures, take away, clean and carry out conservation.

     Contrary to popular belief, for archaeologists stones and metal sometimes much more valuable than gold and silver — because they can help correct date the burial, and open a new page of history.

     After the completion of all excavation pit is sure to be buried — because at this point then will sow wheat or sunflower. In summer, mountain mama becomes a place of pilgrimage — here come the local villagers, scientists, and politicians.


     Gen. archaeologists striking simplicity — food is cooked on a makeshift brick stove

     basking in Kahovka and electricity do not enjoy at all — mobile phones charged at the store in the village nearby.

     On the one hand, this lack of funding — money is only the most necessary things. On the other — it is done deliberately to ensure that students get hands-on experience.

    Among the "archaeological" rules is a very funny situation and tradition. For example, in the expedition banned mate — violators will be punished in the form of uprooting stumps by number pronounced "mat". Prohibited the use of alcohol and drugs. During the fight the people "take off" from the expedition, despite its "track" list. Also is possible to obtain authorization for a cigarette butt thrown haphazardly — in fact in the vicinity of the camp is full of dry grass and a few times the expedition had to put out a very serious fires.

    The expedition is funded from the budget of the university, but the money is not enough. We have to save — students are thrown off the food itself, the cost of gasoline for cars and other basic items often go out-of-pocket members and leaders of the expedition. Rescues and help former students or just indifferent. Someone brings vegetables, someone — the water.

    We hope these efforts will not go in vain, and Zaporizhia archaeologists discover the world mountain mama


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