Excess weight in men

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Thick men snore depressed, complainonreduced potency, painheart,jointsTo solve these problems,one canlonggo to different doctors and take many medications. Ayou can just lose weight.


What distinguishes the male from the female obesity? Why do men get fat? How did they get rid of the excess weight? These and other questions are answeredMariyat Mukhina, physician acupuncturist candidateMedical Sciences and the authortorus More than 40 scientific papers on author's method of treatment of excess body weight.


— Mariyat,toakcommon in overweight men?

In my experience of people seeking treatment for obesity, men make up about 15-20%.

— Than muzhskoe obesity differs from the female?

If women are usually fat is deposited at the bottom — on the thighs and buttocks, it is typical for men abdominal type of fat deposition when fat accumulates inside the abdomen.

— This is worse or better?

For health is worse. Enlarged stomach backs diaphragm, because of the heart changes its position — instead of lying obliquely, lying horizontally. As a result, it is the region which adjoins the diaphragm, the rear wall myocardial not supplied with blood. It is even seen on an electrocardiogram. Thus, the abdominal type of fat deposition increases the risk of heart attack.

Furthermore, in men, unlike women, fat has a tendency to accumulate in the spaces mezhfastsialnyh. Very often it is deposited in the neck, which provokes snoring and sleep apnea — cessation of breathing during sleep.

— Sounds ominous …

A healthy person's allowable number of pauses in breathing during sleep — up to five per hour. But I had a patient with obesity, which had 130 apnea — about two times a minute! This is extremely dangerous. I can cite many examples, when the night respiratory arrest resulted in death.

— And what do you do?

When obstructive sleep apnea, a man must constantly turn over in his sleep. And of course, it urgently needs to reduce weight.

— Mariyat,full of menoftencomplaining about the deterioration of erection. Excess weight is aValid The reduces the potency?

Let's start with the fact that subcutaneous fat — not just a layer of fat, it is also a depot of female sex hormones (estrogens). With obesity the amount of estrogen in the body increases. And if such a state of physiological women, for men is unnatural. For them, the normal hormonal balance — the predominance of androgens (male sex hormones).

When the male gaining weight, it increases fat depots and thus increasing the level of estrogens. Initially, the body tries to compensate, begins to produce more androgens in the testes and adrenal cortex, but gradually their opportunities are exhausted, and there is a shift in hormonal levels in the predominance of estrogen.

— Andthenreduced potency?

Excess estrogen affects the whole body. First, there is gynecomastia — a man literally begin to grow breasts. Second, increased tone of voice. Third, deteriorating spermatogenesis: reduced sperm count and motility — there is male infertility. Over time, reduced in obesity and potency — here plays a role not only hormonal imbalance, but eating disorders of the nervous tissue and poor circulation.

In addition, estrogens vary psyche. Men are becoming apathetic, whiny, depressed. They think they have a midlife crisis, but in fact it is purely hormonal changes associated with being overweight.

— Why do men get fat

Excess weight in men

Mariyat Mukhina

The main reasons — overeating and low physical activity. Modern lifestyle causes reduction of basal metabolism. The man is no longer physically earner who hunts mammoth. He no longer works head, intelligence and very little moves. Reduced Calorie daily leads to the fact that even the normal consumption of an amount leads to excessive weight. And men are not used to restrict your diet.

There is another factor that may contribute to the development of obesity in men — dishormonal violation.

— Againestrogens?

That's right. On the one hand, with age, the amount of androgens in the male body is reduced, and then begin to dictate the terms of estrogen. On the other hand, an excess of female hormones may be to blame, no matter how strange eating habits.

In those countries where the culture of food involves consuming large amounts of foods that contain isoflavones — the so-called plant estrogens, a very large percentage of the male obesity. Isoflavones are structurally similar to the female sex hormones, and may interact with estrogen receptors in the body. When excessive consumption of foods with plant estrogens run the same processes that go into the body when excess estrogen present. The men are changing secondary sexual characteristics, is a set of weights.

— Which productscontainXiaplant estrogens?

For example, the products, which include hops.

— Beer?

That's right. Also contains a lot of soy isoflavones.

— So, a lot of themin Sausages?

Yes. So the French — graceful nation, and the Germans — is complete.

However, the plant estrogens — that's not all, scientists have recently discovered that upset the balance of sex hormones in men can an ordinary drinking water.

— How so?

The fact is that today has greatly increased consumption of oral contraceptives — drugs that contain estrogen.

— But you take them women, not men!

Women taking oral contraceptives, which are then excreted in the urine and get into the sewers. All sewage waste is cleaned through biofilters, but the decay products of the hormone estrogen tablet is not completely eliminated.

— That is, men receiving estrogens with water?

Unutilized balances of synthetic estrogens. Of course, this problem is more in Europe and America than in Russia, but I still would not recommend to our men to drink water from the tap.

— Mariat, toCB easier to lose weight: men or women?

Men lose weight easier than women because male sex hormones have the ability to increase the catabolism — the breakdown of fats. Female hormones, by contrast, have an anabolic effect — activate the synthesis of lipids.

— Many men believe that weight loss is enough to enroll in a gym and stop eating after six.

This is not the case. With obesity gym contraindicated. Incorrectly selected physical activity can have a negative impact on the heart and worsen the condition of the joints. The principle of "do not eat after six" by itself is unlikely to help — in this case, aiming to intensify the burning of fat that is concentrated in the abdomen.

— How do you get rid of obesity?

To begin to seek professional help. Obesity — a disease which means that it should be treated by doctors. As with all other diseases, obesity self unacceptable.

What are the methods for the treatment ofobesity in men using ins?

The author's techniqueGolden Eagle ®,supplemented by a special system of power and corporal acupuncture, which helps t
he body to focus on the abdominal lipolysis. We also conduct sessions of acupuncture facelift to improve the structure and elasticity of the skin. When the weight comes back to normal, we are sending a man to the gym, make recommendations on those muscle groups that need to pay attention.

We have a lot of male patients. With their stories of weight loss, please visit our clinics ORIGITEYA ®in the "Stories of health". Unfortunately, men do not write as often as women, but these are real cases of people who have lost weight and maintained their weight for years.

— MThe man isdo not hesitate tonoseitin ear productSWOlotAndChapterand ®?

Today, the method of Golden Needle ® is so popular that the earring in his ear men no surprise. But if someone is shy, you can seal the needle tape. And recently we have developed a super-slim new tool for the modification of the methodGoldAndChapterand®it is for men. It is almost invisible in the ear.

— Mariyat, and if a man has his arms and legs thin,and stomach sticks?

If the volume of the stomach of a man more than the hips, it is a sign of abdominal obesity, which should be treated.

Source: Hospital ORIGITEYA ®


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