Experienced main battle tank object 219A

Experienced main battle tank "object 219A"

Work on the tank were conducted since the mid 70's along with the development of ob.478 HZTM. It was supposed to do better to improve the security of the tank weapon systems, installed a new set of guided weapons 9K119. The tank is hydromechanical automatic loader with a capacity of 28 rounds magazine, has a built bulldozer equipment. In 1984, at the tanks installed and hinged dynamic protection. At the base of the tank 80A-T created tank T-80U (ob.219AS) with integrated dynamic protection. Tank produced in small series for HZTM before the release of the tank "Object 478B" (T-80UD).

Experienced main battle tank "object 219A"

Placement DZ on the turret 80A-T

Placement DZ on turret T-80A similar to the placement of DZ on the T-80UD, which later produced in Kharkov.

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