Experienced medium tank Object 172

Each of the tank, as in other matters at least some of the cult art object or a movie, music, personality — does not matter, has its fans and detractors. It is completely understandable from the standpoint of psychology. But here's the T-64, the drama of fate, and so the most unfortunate of the Union of Russian tank, not lucky.

In virtue of their geographical origin, this machine has been chosen as the object of worship of a handful of militant Internet fans, the obvious-chauvinistic nationalism. They were even in the fifth point count vbey, but it still does not prove it, because these people only want to hear themselves, or just praises to the address of the object of worship of its own. With surprising regularity on Internet forums are the typical "ritual" in which the cult of the T-64 and its "all-wise creators of" ascends to the heavens, and everything else, and all other simple "wet" and "throw feces."

As befits a real shamans, they carefully hide their antics behind the masks — nicknames. Real names, biographies, and other traces of life on earth you are, but also if you really looking forward to bringing nowhere syschite. In other matters, like clear the name of their high priest, but still far away, and not the fact that it is true — neither live nor a photo of it still has not beheld. Once again, this is not a clique, not the Serpentarium, excited after the publication of my blog posts, "The T-64 will be sent to the facility by the end of 2011."

It would seem obvious repost RIA Announcements and Izvestia, with my very brief comment, and the passions it's not subside for a week. I perfectly understand that no reasons and explanations of these "people" will not be taken, for this reason, immediately say, that all that will be posted below — will be placed not for them, but for those of my readers who are fascinating factual aspect of the matter, who has not lost the ability to think logically and appropriate. Based on the documents and official publications of industry professionals I will try to show why, after adopting a T-64 and T-64A, the Soviet Union had deployed the forced work to create another 2-descent is almost similar in features, but completely different engine design.

Well, you think about it, if T-64/-64A was that of "excellent" and "revolutionary", why then is a matter of urgency, two design bureaus, with the most powerful at the time the plants: the Leningrad Kirov and Nizhny Tagil "Uralvagonzavod" engaged in an accelerated pace processing of its design? You look for some answers below and then in the following publications on the same topic.

Experienced medium tank "Object 172"

Experienced medium tank "Object 172"

Designed tank KB Uralvagonzavod (520 Division) under the head designer Kartseva Leonid Nikolaevich. In general, the machine work management chaired by the Deputy Sec. Designer Venedictov Valery. Work given a joint Resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the USSR Council of Ministers "On the Russian Army with new equipment of the T-64A and the development of facilities for their production» № 802-266 on August 15, 1967 and the Order of the Minister of Defense Industry from January 5, 1968. Created as a mobilization version of the T-64A ("to 434") for the production Uralvagonzavod in the "special" period. During the initial design work T-64A has been radically altered.

Feature of the car was the installation of a diesel engine in a four-45K production CTZ, ventiljatornaja system cooling and automatic loader so-called "Beskabinnogo" type. According to the initial plans for the tank "to 172" was supposed to set the chassis-type chassis to the tank 167 and hydromechanical box (GMT). So Makarov, "object 172" had to embody a generation and tested solutions embodied in tanks "to 434", "object 167m", "object 167" and "object 166ZH." But the plans of the chassis configuration of T-64A and the introduction of HMT not found a support in MOS.

First machines were created by alteration of serial T-64A. The first two prototypes were made standard in 1968. In July and December 1968, they passed the test cycle on the plant and tank ranges in the Turkestan military environment. These and the following tests revealed a number of structural and technological gaps, and the most critical flaws were running gear. Work to eliminate flaws in the following developed into the creation of the modern car — "an object 172m." During the period 1968-70 years. Uralvagonzavod was 17 tanks "to 172".

Experienced medium tank "Object 172"

• Object 172m — future development of ob.172
• Object 173 — the most experienced tank having a great degree of commonality with the initial design ob.434, if ob.172 (left ob.434 BO).

Experienced medium tank "Object 172"

Evaluation, comparison
(Based on the report on 70055. W / h 68054, 1970)
• Set the object to the 172-45K motor and automatic loader provided by comparison with the object 434:
— improve crew performance;
— reducing the time for technical service and training of the tank to overcome aqua-bottlenecking;
— the possibility of the engine at different grades of fuel.

Other major characteristics of TTX were actually similar, except for the combat weight of the supplies and travel.
• Reliability of the object 172 within the warranty period (3,000 kilometers) is still insufficient for the subsequent reasons:
— in the submitted sites for field tests 172 were introduced, not all developed constructive activities in the engine-45K, engine air supply system, engine cooling system connections and the power supply system of the tank, causing cracks and faults, such as those that have been identified in field tests in 1969;
— number of components and assemblies taken from object 434 (stabilizer, rangefinder sight, gidropodemny mechanism guns, chassis components), as well as in the object 434, and worked reliably, the sharply reduced the overall reliability of the tank.

• Fighting weight to 172 tanks (tank number 4 — 38650 kg; tank Number 5 — 38890 kg tank number 6 -38,900 kg) exceeds the weight of the tank combat to 434 (of at TTT 37.0 t 1.5%) 2.9 — 3.6% (1350 kg greatest difference — approx. A . H.).
• Acceleration of the object 172 takes more active than the acceleration of the object 434 (operating on diesel fuel).
• Sighting rate of the tanks to 172 and 434 to actually obtained monotonous. Time for execution of ammunition at the site 172 is 23 minute, on-site 434 — 27 minutes.
• The autoloader on the object 172 has a number of significant advantages over the
charging mechanism of the object 434. The design of the automatic loader provides a transition from the crew's compartment in combat and back without the preliminary work loading gun in the hand of each and nemehanizrovannyh pilings both on-site and on the move the tank to replenish the assembly flow AZ shots without turning the tower on the stern and without the help of the driver.
• loading angle tank cannons 172 to 2 ° greater than 434 to the tank that reduces the possibility utykaniya barrel during loading when the tank is moving over rough terrain.
• The largest number of failures and defects account for the chassis: 29.9% failure rate and 53% of the defects.
• The acquired as a result of tests downtime tank on service and labor-intensive maintenance when working full-time composition of the crew are tabulated and compared with the inactivity of the tank to 434 according to the report in the / h 68054 inv.3793 for 1969:

Experienced medium tank "Object 172"

In parentheses denotes the time and labor-TO-wash the air cleaner

These data tables show that the average tank to 172, presented at the tests on all types of services less downtime tank object 434, which is explained in more conventional and comfortable design loading mechanism, a service which is spent 40-45 minutes and on-site 434 — 5-7 hours, and also some improvement in access to serviceable components and assemblies.

Experienced medium tank "Object 172"

• In / 68054 part considers it appropriate to force the completion of power plant, armament stabilizer, power supply system, and conduct fundamental processing running part gidropodemnogo mechanism guns, a system of collective defense, while continuing to test 3 of prototypes of the object 172 to / h 68054 to study the individual components and systems, and conducting field tests of control after implementation of all construction activities on the proposals / h 68054.

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