Experts are sure that the country wielding alien gang


They hate us, you know, hate! — Cried Dorothy Stout under hypnosis. — We needed them only so that they can create a race of hybrids to colonize our planet!

When five years ago, the scientific weekly "Colorado Observer" published a sensational results of the survey hypnotized 29-year-old employee of a bank in a clinic in Denver, U.S. scientists just laughed. Like, do we know about these Martians and aliens, sick of it!

Today, however, it is obvious — first seemed, if not delusional, then dashing fiction, has now become a reality. Already luminaries of American science say about UFOs and aliens from other worlds as an accomplished reality. In any case, the head of "Project Discovery" Dr. Steven Greer appealed to Congress with the requirement to organize a hearing on the issue of UFOs.

In May 2001, RIA "Novosti" enough to tell in detail about the group "Project Discovery", which, along with the scientists of the largest research centers in North America consists of generals NASA (the U.S. space agency), the Pentagon, and, most interestingly, the FBI. Was found that this group since 1993, is collecting documentary material, confirming the existence of UFOs, and now has videos, supporting at least a hundred facts of stay of aliens on Earth and near-Earth space. Among the witnesses — pilots and NASA astronauts, scientists and businessmen, police officers and other highly respected people in society.

Russia also has numerous witnesses Action aliens. And among them, not only such famous people as the pilots of the first class Podshivalov Anatoly and Sergei Stroganov, test pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union, and the wife of the Soviet cosmonaut number 4 Marina Popovich, Academician Mark Melhiker and Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Vyacheslav Gomolyako and Yuri Felezin but also members of the investigating authorities.

— Consideration by the U.S. Congress on the UFO issue is of great importance. — Said Dr. Greer. — We are talking about the existence and possible contacts with representatives of the earthlings mind from other worlds. We are talking about how to protect against possible earthlings — and is already taking place! — Cases of violence by alien beings.

It is women who are most threatened by the most aggressive creatures alien origin. For example, Dorothy Stout, with the story of which we began this article, came to the clinic of Denver is no accident. She turned back to survey the fact. I could not get pregnant. Conclusions gynecologists plunged her into shock — the internal organs of the young women were worn out, like a 90-year-old woman. Although, according to Dorothy, she not only did not give birth, but did not do abortions. It was then proposed to her and remember the dark side of their life under hypnosis. And during the session she told me that in the summer of 1993 was abducted by aliens, and then 36 weeks was with them, having given birth to a total of six (!) Children, six became pregnant after regular medical procedures humanoids with silvery skin and rectangular screen instead of the eyes of the solid as a metal triangle nose (robots? — Ed.).

Since then, eight more of these cases was only through official channels registered in the U.S. and Canada. There are two of the same episode in Brazil, and one each in France and Japan,

However, no less sinister events occur on Earth. Chairman of the Association of ufologists Central Federal District of Russia Vladimir Toktaulov told us that in the last three years in Kaluga, Smolensk and Kursk regions there were five very strange rapes, abductions and returns eight young women and four mysterious robbery.

— Vladimir G., what you think is strange and mysterious crimes? — We turned to Mr. Toktaulovu.

— Let us first. First of rape. This example. In the city of Smolensk region Safonovo the summer of 2000, she was raped Valentine Lychkova (name changed) was born in 1979, native of the city. She was returning home late at night, around 23.30, it suddenly put his bright beam of light emanating from above, and then went out. The space around her was unnaturally dense enough that she could not move hand or foot. Valya felt like something just as tight penetrated inside her, filling the entire body. First was scared, then extraordinarily fun. But neither cry nor laugh she could not. Soon beam newly pierced the darkness. The density of the body and around disappeared instantly. The beam was gone, and she fell exhausted …

In the police station, where she addressed an hour later, she was told to go home until he was sent to a mental hospital. And three months later she came to the antenatal clinic — disappeared menstruation, and the doctors were surprised to find her pregnancy in the presence of … hymen! That's when she came to us. We strongly recommend the girl to have an abortion. She made. But the doctor, to my great surprise, the fetus is not found!

— The strange case.

— I understand your disbelief. But we have a film in which abortion is completely filmed this, or rather the operation of abortion earthly woman from an alien bunch of energy. The film was made with the permission of Valentina Lychkova. The main thing is. that these events occurred earlier in Kursk, Mo Salsk Kaluga region and Yeh-basis. More recently, in April of this year, in Roslavl.

— Abduction of women you
also associate with the machinations of the evil alien intelligence?

— You know, the American abduction cases still simpler our will. In Russia there are strange things that are so closely contiguous with the reality that distinguish the mystique of the practice of organized crime is very difficult. Imagine, in broad daylight on Sunday, in an apartment located in the center of Smolensk, the thugs break into, grab the eyes of her husband and children and a woman of thirty years in hiding. And without saying a single word, do not put forward any ultimatums. Moreover, in the abduction of women, these skinheads Umballa nobody knit, do not beat — all the witnesses of the drama suddenly frozen, seized by a familiar dense layer. 8 Relatives call the police. Operatives come and … not only do not show any traces of fingerprints and criminals, but no sign of forced entry door! Relatives continue to insist on tracing missing. The police began to take some action. A week, two, three. Finally, just six weeks is suddenly kidnapped by sitting on the couch in the room where she was abducted.

— Are you serious?

— It is. Look, we have recorded all cases of this kind — in Livny, Oryol region, Lukhovitsy near Moscow, Kursk and not far from it in Kurchatov, twice — in the villages near Kaluga. Sorry, no address, no names of victims, unfortunately, you can not write in the newspaper. We managed with great difficulty to prove the law enforcement and mental health professionals that the stolen and recovered women are not crazy at all (by the way, six of eight known abductees give us a nervous stress already passed). And with even more difficulty managed to stop the excited was the case against their relatives.

— Good God, and the case-then why were excited?

— Felt that there was a kind of malicious intent on their part. And at least knowingly false information.

— You said that the alien organized crime and robberies do not disdain?

— That's right. Moreover, in this case they are monotonously if the programmed pattern. Again, the police did not believe the victim. But I just want to say that in any case do not blame the police in dereliction of their work. Program to combat the aggressive aliens should be taken at the state level, but for now it is not. law enforcement officials do not want to seem crazy.

— So what are these robberies are?

— We believe that for a number of intergalactic ships as a fuel requires some elements of gold. So the aliens have developed a scheme of its removal from the earthlings for literally five minutes. A beam of light is directed at the cottage — I will not hide — the new Russian. The house is immediately enveloped in a kind of cold flame. If there is anyone out there, they lose consciousness. Meanwhile, the interior of homes continue to "burn." Then the witnesses on the part of the observed red-yellow VSPOLOKH over the house. Immediately beam goes out. That's all. The house remains intact. The people in it come to mind.

— So what's a rip-off of something?

— And after that, the house is not any gold jewelry … See, our state still has a long way to democracy. We sent three letters to the State Duma with a request that it listened to our conclusions. We did not even reply.

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