Export version of SAM database with a missile IRIS-T SL — IRIS-T SLM (Germany)

Export version of SAM database with a missile IRIS-T SL - IRIS-T SLM (Germany)

German company «DIEHL BGT» brings to closure creation SAM MD entitled «IRIS-T SLM.» It is designed to provide air defense populated Fri, fundamental infrastructure facilities, military camps and bases. In 2014, planned to raise this SAM MD «IRIS-T SLM» adopt and begin mass production. Aircraft missile system close deeds «IRIS-T SLM» enters into a unified system of missile defense and NATO, placed on the ground states of the European Union.

Export version of SAM database with a missile IRIS-T SL - IRIS-T SLM (Germany)

Create a new SAM database maintained under the contract for the development of a modern guided missile and launching device for the needs of the German defenses. Key Launch Complex highest mobility and transport aircraft C-130. Rockets come in light fiberglass unattended containers (TLC). From TPM with manipulators, with 8 missile launcher loaded on 10 minutes. The missile has a fragmented warhead, which excludes the possibility of detonation during transport or at occurrence of unexpected events.

 Export version of SAM database with a missile IRIS-T SL - IRIS-T SLM (Germany)

Served basis newcomer SAM missile IRIS-T SL, which is in turn a modification for ground-launched missiles «air-» IRIS-T. Development of ground-based missiles to commence in 2007. First start IRIS-T SL with ground launcher was held in 2009. Tests were also conducted in 2010 and 2011 (5 in total). Venue Test — South Africa. Launch going on armament Anti DB «IRIS-T SLM», on this day intensively tested and refined.

Complex «IRIS-T SLM», placed on the company-developer, is an export version of anti-missile system, achieving changes IRIS-T SL. Just like its predecessor IRIS-T, were armed with European states, the new SAM plan to put several European countries.

The missiles are launched from the launch of the WPK vertical start. For targeting used radar Giraffe AMB or radial angle, or brand new development with phased array radar.

Giraffe AMB has the following properties:
-detection range — 100 km;
— height of detection — 20 km;
— simultaneous support — 150 aerial targets.
Brand new radar with phased development quite addictive. Based on the structural embodiment, it is evident that radar radial review and able to provide guidance and support of missiles by turning hexagonal antenna surfaces. Can be fully that this radar is functional and produces radio command guidance in using the method on certain sections of the rocket. As can be seen, the side surface can be rotated even when the machine is moving.
There and more than facilitate the development of SAM. In 1-x, he uses missiles Iris-SL, made from aircraft variant Iris-T. In-2, as can be seen, for cheaper rocket launcher mounted directly on without TPK. Present color is grayish rocket missile complex Iris-SLM, using radar guidance (can be active radar homing and GOS).
SAM database «IRIS-T SLM» radial provides protection against aircraft, helicopters, drones, cruise missiles, rockets and other weapons. He is able to fight with multiple targets, even at a very small distance and small response time. SAM carries for itself with 8 missile IRIS-T SL. Rich full automation of launching rockets, it can carry a continuous combat duty with the least use of personnel.
Missiles can be launched in a very frisky sequence on targets at a distance of 40 km and a height of up to 20 km. «Dead Zone» for the SAM database «IRIS-T SLM» sensitive than 1 kilometer. MSA «TOC» operated with 2 operators. It has an open architecture and can be integrated into existing air and missile defense.

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