The program of the South American fighter fifth generation F-35 Lightning II, also popular as the Joint Strike Fighter (nationwide strike fighter), is the most expensive military applets in the world and continues to be in «a turbulent stream of criticism» recalls bbc.com April 11.
Fighter, built by Lockheed Martin, is designed to overcome the defense of foreign countries and strengthening military advantages the United States and its allies. Along with the ability to evade enemy radar detection supersonic fighter can boast the presence of advanced helmet display, capable of giving the pilot a 360-degree view of the virtual disk imaging by combining different sensors and radar with an active phased array that will allow him to perfectly detect and engage air and ground purpose. But this plane because of its own overhead continues to be a thorn in the eye in the Pentagon’s plans, who must cut spending. But military officials working on applets, argue that the inevitable technical difficulties in implementing such a large-scale mega programs.
«Trillionodollarovy fighter»
The F-35 is being developed in 3 versions — for the Air Force, Navy and Air Force U.S. Marine Corps, for military aviation eight other states. It was believed that a single fighter for the 3 arms will help to lower costs.
At the technical level is more complicated variant F-35B with short takeoff and vertical landing (created for the USMC and Navy of England), which can be used outside aerodromes with runways.
Officials had read about the progress on all three variants of the aircraft, but acknowledged that may await the huge difficulties in the future. Price grew up in an airplane a couple of times. Calculations show that Adopt the F-35 is unlikely to take place until 2018. The total price is estimated at around applets 400 billion U.S. dollars, and with the 30-year operating costs will increase to more than 1 trillion dollars, which gave rise to the definition — «trillionodollarovy fighter» (trillion dollar fighter).
But stumbling blocks are not only technical prepyadstviya. Critics argue applets that tactical and technical characteristics of aircraft does not meet the requirements. For example, China will send aircraft carriers in the future far into the sea, and range F-35 — 1000 km (600 miles) — fails to ensure strikes «within the boundaries of the enemy.» On the other hand, the development of advanced unmanned strike systems, such as the X-47B, could lead to the fact that these devices will be able to do the same tasks as the F-35 without risking a pilot’s life.
But the program that still lasts. Deputy Chief applets F-35 JSF Rear Admiral March Randolph (Randolph Mahr) states that the first batch of operational F-35B aircraft entered service the Commission by summer 2015.
The U.S. Defense Department is faced with a reduction in military spending. If programm F-35 will undergo sequestration, the decrease in the number of fighters purchased lead to a «death spiral», in other words even higher price of the aircraft.
Despite all the problems, the program F-35 to avoid «cutting» amid ongoing turmoil budget. This week, President Barack Obama (Barack Obama) asked for another 8.4 billion dollars a year on the subsequent cash, resulting in F-35 feels safe. At least, not yet.

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