Factory workers Bryansk Arsenal restored legendary tractor Stalinets-65

Tractor "Stalinets-65", which spent about 70 years under the water in the river Nerussa, brought to life by the employees of the plant "Bryansk Arsenal."

 Photo source:gruzovoy.ru

Earlier tractor was used as an artillery tractor. At the end of 1941 tractor fell through the ice. Unsuccessful attempts to lift the machine from the bottom were made in the 70s.

The tractor was able to raise only professionals Emergency January 27 of this year. The rise was carried out using a special technique.

In February, "Bryansk Arsenal" has begun work to restore the unique machine. Aid workers have had the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant, which at the time the tractor was made: the factory received the drawings. At the request of JAMZ Bryantsev was made one missing part. The diesel engine was dismantled before the screw, parts are carefully cleaned, oiled and reassembled the engine. Diesel run with no problems.

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