Fairy palace Persian Princess

Russ, XVII century, the Volga River on canoes sailing Stenka Razin and his colleagues next to him Persian beauty-princess. The girl does not even suspect that there are last minutes of her life. Splash — and the Princess went to the bottom, and a drunken squad continued its journey.

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Centuries have passed, on the banks of the Volga were built new cities, but the tragedy that occurred near the place where now stands the city Zhigulyovsk, has left its mark. From time to time, directly from the air A magnificent palace. An unforgettable spectacle, you can endlessly admire bizarre carved towers, unusual multicolored designs.

The locals call this phenomenon a mirage, but this definition does not fit zhigulevskogo phenomenon. It is known that a mirage — a reflection of real-life subject matter, but anyone who has seen the palace, to say that such structures in reality can not be, this palace of fairy tales. There is a legend that it was in this palace and is now living the lost princess.

Near the Zhigulyovsk there is a huge cave with a labyrinth of passages, not all of which are investigated. Since the treasures stolen by Razin, still not found, it can be assumed that they are hidden in the cave: the best place to stash in the area to be found. According to the same legend, the treasure is located in the basement of a ghostly palace.

So what is the mysterious palace? Maybe it's encrypted card caves, and a lucky solve it, will be able to find a wealth of treasure. Also, it can be assumed that at the time of the death of the princess in the memories of the girl having her childhood fantasies. Release of emotions was so strong that nature, as in the photograph captures the memories of the last dying beauty, and sometimes shows it to people as a memory of an old tragedy.

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