Fall of liberal democracies

Fall of liberal democraciesThe law of motivation capital

Pointed remark of the 1st of the classical political economists that at 300 per cent of profit from capital "mind-blowing" and he is ready to go to any crime, again supported by a global scale. And frenzied time of success of the strengths of this world again destroy the basis of its own prosperity.

Not somewhere, and from the report of the Office of the U.S. Congress on the budget that for the period 1979-2007 the annual income of the rich — 1% of the U.S. population — have grown by 275%, and a handful of super-rich this rate of revenue growth in the number headed for a stunning 392% ( !). And this despite the fact that the taxes for this category of people the U.S., according to the same report, decreased by 37% (!). In other words, "Marx limit of lawlessness", indicated the magic figure 300% and surpassed.

Marx the economist can adore and can be unbearable, you can attribute to him the entire responsibility for the geopolitical upheavals of the past century, you can admire its apprehension of these shocks. But to deny the accuracy of the socio-economic analysis can now only or complete ignoramuses, or complete hypocrite and political fixers.

Because this logic is the same indomitable zeal for profits is reflected in people's perception of the prevailing political and economic crisis of illusions era of globalism and the standards of liberal democracies? And what we tried to tell the terrible fall of 2011, fall of dramatic upheaval in the Islamic world and the spectacular revolts in the West?

Anatomy and dynamics of the global crisis of confidence

A careful analysis of the events of recent years, it appears that the governments of liberal democracy could not maintain bank capital as part of its traditional banking activity — trade means. And the bank's capital by means of a strong, long-term and well-organized lobbying campaign headed for the legalization of their own role in speculative operations in different markets, at first — in the securities markets and their derivatives, and real estate markets. Moreover, the bank's capital was specifically intrude into the processes of the world economy and politics, breaking the fragile international system of checks and balances.

Then, in full accordance with the well-known "domino principle" and in its non-conformity with the liberal theory of "self-balancing markets" under the pressure of surpassing all reasonable limits "credit pressure" in the "debt thrombi" blood vessels in the global economy and its banking system and the stock market began to explode and to fail, driving the world economy into a state of deep and wide vkladyvatelnogo myocardial infarction consumer.

Then came the upheaval in the social and political systems, undermining authoritarian regimes in the Maghreb and the Levant at the same time with the liberal democracies of the European Union. It came to that rebelled not only desperate normally law-abiding commoners southern belt of Western Europe, and comparable wealthy citizens of Belgium (for whom survival with 3 tyschami euros per household per month was problematic!), Is also more than the law-abiding the citizens of New York (the action "Occupy Wall Street!") and other cities in the U.S. under the significant motto «Wearethe 99%!" (which means fully justified demand to bring to justice 1% successful and lost their sense of reality).

And in the end, the crisis of credit (credit in Latin — trust) in the monetary, industrial, social and political spheres spilled over into the seemingly invincible "brain region" of world politics — ideological. In other words, the crisis of confidence began to move from the sphere of the real in the spiritual sphere, reminding the stormy atmosphere of world depression between the first and second world wars of the last century.

Promoted "pain threshold" of U.S. municipal debt, the rich "northerners" EU began feverishly to "restructure" debts "unreasonable southerners", the IMF has become even harder to achieve from debtors minimizing educational and social programs, turning the sovereignty of these countries means the return of municipal debt. Along the way, the persecution of "Wikileaks" and other troublemakers.

But with the decline of the entire system test to localize it in some places here turn into "punctures" in new, though the most unexpected places: ranged strongholds "of the euro area" and alarmed academic institute and brains, concerned about the fate of their own loses touch with the reality of scientific research in the field of economics , political science, sociology.

Between Scylla and Charybdis of democratic freedom

The popularly political and economic doctrines, surprisingly, something identical with the religious teachings: the one and the other characters are inherent belief systems, symbolic of temptation and violence of oppression of dissent, their priests, preachers and commentators, its heretics. And most important — and the one and the other are inherent tenets perceived them as adherents of truth in the last instance.

And just like many religions, political and economic doctrines begin to break down when their perfect utopian building to face the reality. Specifically, it is happening at the moment with the liberal-democratic doctrines: tectonic crisis processes in the world order, in the pockets and minds of ordinary people rise to the processes of reflection universal scale. The crisis of being inevitably leads crisis confidence in the prevailing doctrine, the crisis of faith in the reasonableness and fairness of the existing order. This crisis is expressed, first, in the rebellion of "mass man" with his betrayed the hopes of finding a real well-being and peace of being spokoystviya.Krizis defines a crisis of consciousness, and this consciousness is beginning to be critical of the dominant ideologies, in particular — to fundamentalism, liberal-democratic doctrine.

Criticism of the "left" of the tenets of a viable and well "promoted" doctrine as constructive and well-known: the doctrine sanctifies, and justifies the murderous logic of exploitation of man by man, and why initially asocial and amoral. More sophisticated looks criticism "right" such majestic minds, as Keynes or Wallerstein, obviously bothered by unreason and greed of the elites, insidiously based in their own greedy actions on such "antielitarnye" in its essence the principles of freedom and democracy.

Based on the experience majestically depression, Keynes was able to assure the imperative need for the elite of the West in the municipal control over the speculative element of the securities market and unemployment. But after the second World War, his expert advice was strongly rejected by those who embodies ineradicable craving equity to profit. Similarly, were ignored dire warnings about unsafe Wallerstein geopolitical consequences of extremist TINA ("Thereisnoalternatives!"), Assuming no pent-up cross-border movement of capital and curtailing social programs. And all of these warnings "right" were drowned out by a chorus advocates liberal democratic dogma. Until the crisis struck, shaken to its foundations sign of faith.

The very concept of "liberal democracy" crystallized for the first time in my head the Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville, and was more or less definitely expressed in his paper on "Democracy in America" in the midd
le of the XIX century. Tocqueville said that he sees the possibility of the coexistence of freedom and democracy in the criteria of equality of free people skills, coupled with the principle of non-interference of the Government in the sphere of economic and civilian liberties. But equality of abilities did not work, no municipal control has not done.

Unusual case, but the term "democracy" is completely absent, for example, in the Declaration of Independence. Yet the ideological chimera Freedom Union (in its awareness of private property) and Democracy (in its awareness of how the collective power of holders of at least a kind of personal property, but, of course, not the Redskins or African Americans) began its triumphant ideological ascent as a major doctrine of the Anglo- Saxon model of globalization.


What is the original of this chimerical claims to global dominance of the ideological doctrine? Freedom means strengthening the personal owner of the power of those who won the race for survival, whereas democracy involves the development and strengthening of the power of the majority of the population, in other words, in the main just those "losers" in the pursuit of success, which really did not enjoy the freedom they can. Freedom for strong is in conflict with the power of the feeble, and their cross breeds chimera.

This doctrinal chimera of liberal democracy and institute academic theorists have tried to save using the concept of "middle class" of small private owners and employees, the number of which should Tipo without annoying to grow in the criteria of liberal democracies. So great was conceived in theory.

But in practice, the law came into effect dialectic of reincarnation, according to which any theoretical utopia inevitably transformed into its opposite, a dystopia where "loyal" and "free" market competition in the framework of the "democratic" rights and freedoms turned the dominance of monopolies and oligarchies, and themselves democratic universities turned into effective instruments perpetuate domination of economic and political elites.

In the rapid development of information technology, many theorists end of the XX century saw some latest era of "post-industrial" as a harbinger of the new global victory of liberal democracy. A wave of electric "twitter revolutions" in the pre-crisis era, it would seem to support this theory of the avant-garde. But the West "postindustrial" rapidly came down to the fact that China has taken over the functions of the world's industrial powers and became a successful cover the needs of the West in a relatively low-cost and relatively high quality goods. And the dominance of information technology giants in the global market information services along with unparalleled control of special services increased information over communications of people quickly dispelled ghost waiting adherents of liberal doctrines. And no amount of "post-industrial" information technology could not stop the credit crisis — the investigation of human greed, drunk omnipotence.

So the theoretical chimera crossing of freedom and democracy turned into an endless string of civilians, regional and global crises and wars. Moreover, the attempt to extend the utopian doctrine of liberal democracy from the state to supranational structures every time approached own opposite — the dictates of the strong over the weak. Naturally, under the banner of uncompromising struggle for freedom and democracy "advanced" versus "backward", only "democratic" against all "authoritarian" and "totalitarian."

The intoxication of success of the struggle for power and wealth led to the behavior of national and global elites. And they, in spite of concerns about their safety and in accordance with the law of motivation elites expressed a 2-1000 lety to reverse the majestic Chinese philosopher Laozi ("The Way of a Man — Strong necessarily worse, feeble inevitably weaken"), and then in XIX century political economists reformulated by Marx in Capital, as the law of motivation, began to erode the base of its own existence — credit, in other words trust.

Naturally, when the existence of man in the criteria of the global crisis of confidence becomes unbearable, desperate and impoverished masses impoverished "middle class", and impoverished countries of the "third world" are beginning to rebel. Then the ship floated in the global economy most dangerous reef area between the Scylla and Charybdis of the freedom of democracy. Then break national and world system of checks and balances, then comes the fall of liberal democracies, marked by rebellions umneyuschih at the sight of the inhabitants, and insidious "democratic revolution", during which the elite once again try to redistribute power and wealth in their favor, usually using liberal dogmatic fundamentalism .


… At the end of November, with my little old friend, entrepreneur, handsome and sensitive man, traveling from village to Chisinau Butuceni a hushed, crushed by the economic and political crisis in Moldova. One of his sons went to the U.S., as the victory of liberal forces in Moldova turned into a disaster for its young generation. And then he suddenly said: "The crisis in Europe on the conscience of the Socialists in Spain … All Socialists in general. This policy of social protection for all of us came out sideways! "

I did not answer him — and how he used to live holy belief that the liberal-democratic doctrine represents the only true beacon of the world's population. And to me, it is not clear why, suddenly remembered the sarcastic words spoken by King diplomacy Talleyrand about the Bourbons, "They have suffered a lot, but have not learned anything!"

For windows machine swam cool and disturbing autumn. "Autumn liberal democracies …" — for some reason I thought, and I decided to take up the pen …

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