Farmers began to plant buffalo in the Perm region

Six North American bison has brought in the Perm region farm "Ural ostrich." In order to increase the stock of meat — bison brought that to Kama and Russia today are exotic animals.

In the Kama, in order to get a new kind of large-scale beef cattle, plan to cross a cow with bison. For overseas farmers are not uncommon these breeding experiments. These hybrids breeding mainly sought because dietary meat which contains no cholesterol. No less valuable in these animals and the skin — and this is an additional argument in favor of profitability.

Within a year after the Permian farm will first offspring. The three-year Bison Yasha, which weighs a ton, will be the progenitor of Kama species. This breed will bring great profit to the enterprise, the number in the next 5 years will significantly increase.

Buffalo, to date, mainly inhabit the reserve, as it is listed in the Red Book. As a result of hunting, this species was almost completely destroyed in the 19th century.

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