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Favorite summer vacation with the family in 1965 to FY Siegel was a quiet seaside Parnu, with its sandy beaches, old shady parks, cafes and restaurants, with fresh dairy products and confectionery, which is especially appreciated Moscow and Leningrad. Here, far from the "center" can breathe easily, and could often be found friends with whom in the capital had not seen for years.

In the old days of the UFO problem, like sex, we did not exist.

"Oh, you saw a UFO? Should drink less! .." Once in the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" published a compilation of UFO reports that the evening flew over Kiev:
"… Then he went to the left, to the right, and sometimes froze suddenly disappeared." Comment below scholars: "This is — the car."

With Felix Jurevichem Siegel introduced me to poet David Samoilov. In Samoilov I came home with a questionable brochure (self-publishing) about UFOs, the author of which was Azhazha. Samoylovich David said, "You need not Azhazha and Felix. Summer I'll introduce you."
Summer 1979. Presented by F. Yu.Zigelyu: "Our friend Victor, a teacher of Russian belles lettres, a student of Yuri Lotman and Zara Mints Grigorevny." This brief recommendation always confused me, but there was something magical. The magic words of the poet opened my access to the world of F. Yu Siegel.

Immediately get two handwritten volumes about the problems of a UFO of 200 pages each, with oral instruction: "Before reading carefully wash their hands to the manuscripts left by fingerprints." Introducing you to the "circle of contacts," and they took care of your security.

The same 79-m at the Siegel met with another remarkable scientist and ufologist from Minsk Albert Iozofovichem Veinik.

For vacationers Pärnu public, "the patriarch Russian ufology" revealed a surprise manner in summer 1981 (remember the rest in Parnu since 1965!). In the evening, in the seaside resort club ufologist a lecture on the topic: "Extraterrestrials and UFO problem." In the first row of the hall filled to capacity in the audience sits tall man, strongly built, with a large and lovely facial features with amazing hair, which David Samoilov enjoyed talking to his old friend and classmate Felix Siegel: "The bald head — too hairstyle!" Yes, it was a major in the Soviet specialist in the study of the UFO problem. Siegel was listening to "lecturer" and smiled sweetly.

The monstrous incompetence lecturer Felix Siegel forced to reveal himself and to introduce listeners. "Stray" UFO disappeared unnoticed and began a serious discussion on the stated theme, which is then continued in the park.

According to the city quickly shattered rumor about miracle lectures, and Felix Siegel was invited to the Pärnu City Party Committee. After learning about my desire to attend this event, F. Yu said: "Have you come up with my son on another lecture. I think it will be fuller and more meaningful. Samoylovich David knows where. Ask him personally." The word "person" meaning: "Do not ask on the phone."

Precaution was not accidental. In 1980, on June 1 in the auditorium of the school named Lydia Koidula celebrated the 60th anniversary of David Samoilov. When the poet invited guests at the champagne, passed by a young well-dressed man. He went to the DS and reported: "David Samoylovich, I'm sorry, I'm not here on duty, and in my soul. But, unfortunately, have to go." DS took me by the hand and quietly said, "Victor, come to the table. They are not dangerous to me. Here they are my level, And you know, they are good guys. work they have such a" …

The people coming to Tooming, 8 from all over the streets. We were invited to the second floor houses a local journalist Heli Tamm, where while vacationing with his wife, playwright Aleshin. Here and took a very serious discussion about the problem of extraterrestrial civilizations, that in the coming decades in the hard sciences major changes will occur, and our Soviet "science officials."

Once I went to David Samoilov with a photo, which was captured a flying UFO. DS and looked surprised, but I did not enter the poet misleading and explained the nature of the object surprise, his morning appearance on the kitchen wall from the ray of sun that fell to the bottom of the inverted mixer. Reaction DS was instantaneous. Sly smile, he said: "X-x-et'll send it to Felix! Let smash his head! And we laugh!" F.YU.Z.

responded in the same week: "I'm an old sparrow and I not caught with chaff, this is a pure reflected light! .." We laughed, but mostly at himself.

Last time F. Yu Siegel family was vacationing in Pärnu in 1982 at Calle May, 18.

FU Siegel (20.03.1920-20.11.1988)

1938 — graduated from high school and enrolled at MSU.

1945 — received a degree in "Astronomy".

1953 — PhD

1958 — Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematics.

1967 — together with General Stolyarov organize the first section on the study of UFOs.

Author of 13 handwritten volumes on UFOs, 43 books and over 300 articles on astronomy, space science, and other subjects.


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