Fear joy disarmament

Fears of joy disarmament

After reading the topic and about our "neftyanichnyh" (that is to say the United States), nuclear charges, and in particular about how and what we can expect in the future nuclear and perinuclear conflict. I set out a few thoughts on the matter.

Yes, little need to kill life on the planet. But, as is clear, is not the goal of "partners."

How would say a good general: — "For the poor no matter what civilization war is good for such a civilization is always there is as old. "

So. U.S. seeks to limit or reduce nuclear weapons (LANG). Exactly what is it? The country, which is not really thinking about the use of force, a country that the world's only used nuclear tool(NW), which threatened us to use nuclear weapons, Korea threatened to use nuclear weapons, the country is in a toga peacemaker? Do not believe it.

At this point, "oil" are experiencing economic problems, their budget does not pull a new type of weapon. Yes, and their there is "Backlog". And the most important groundwork — precision tool. It does not say that in recent U.S. studies conducted in the field of nuclear weapons from the field trials were carried out in a strictly directional vector "Midget charges" (SMZ). That there is, such charges, the impact of the introduction of which minimized diameter from 1 to 5 km. And, as you know, very well!

We have a Russian theme this time is also engaged and it so happened that the success in the "experiments" The United States has coincided with the "rule" of Yeltsin. Mean, you can imagine that the theme of "backpack" charge them too worked.

Now back to the "disarmament."

Imagine that it came out. And the "parity" was held, that still happens in this case? "Oilers" having deployed delivery vehicles and missile defense, behold the contrast them with "small teams", reduced air force with the least amount of airbases, and the same with the fleet and its bases. Question: If you are "in command of the parade," on the other side, the hand does not reach for the button? After all, "covering" zone-based Armed Forces, you are consuming 70-80% of the major forces that can resist for you! Funny?

Those of you who think about nuclear Armageddon, remember what is written first.

Our home will not be — even the number of nuclear charges for covering all known points of basing U.S. forces, not to mention NATO. And since LANG decrease, the interception will uproschen.Chto repeatedly called, "give" not torment.

So do we need to simplify the puzzle to the enemy? And neuzh something about it does not reflect in the General Staff?

Some believe the vacuum gun something like a newspaper, "duck", I put on notice that it is not so! This tool when finalizing the respective nuclear-powerful, "cleaner" and less of it. Clearer, and the characteristics of its controlled!

It is interesting that the development of this weapon in the United States are truly and with a particular task was activated in 1993. Interestingly, does not it? But taking into account that its carrier can be nearly equivalent our "Cyclone" and record its presence unrealistic unlike LANG radiation, no. It's perfect for this day tool first strike!

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